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Stockroom University

A Beginner’s Class in Impact Play (102) - May 7 2024

Mistress Wicked’s latest class takes you beyond the mechanics of impact play into how to use the dynamics between partners for sexier play.

Intro to Western Predicament Bondage - April 20 2024

Intro to Western Predicament bondage has become a lost art with the rise in popularity of Shibari. Yet these styles can offer a much more intimate and interactive experience.


Dive into the world of adventurous pleasure with "Butt Stuff is Fun Stuff"! In this class, discover the joys and basic techniques of anal play in a fun and judgment-free environment.

Kinky Flea Market - March 2 2024

Come to Los Angeles’s best — and kinkiest — flea market on Saturday, March 2 2024. We’ll be bringing out some of our own best-selling products at deep discounts, and Headmistress Wicked will be showing off her skills and techniques throughout the day.
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