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Melanie Rose’s hit Netflix show How to Build a Sex Room has brought sex out of the closet (so to speak) and into a room of its own. Specifically, a room custom-designed to fire the intimate imaginations of the couples who live there. The care and creativity Melanie brings to her designs is exactly what the Stockroom has striven for over thirty years so of course, we couldn’t resist a collaboration with “the Mary Poppins of sex.”

We’re extremely proud to show you the result: A limited-run collection of 5 pieces of bondage gear made of braided cranberry and black leather, crafted in the Stockroom’s own Los Angeles workshop. We pride ourselves on our quality, but with these, we’ve paid extra attention to all the details. Each one is fully lined for comfort and has custom hardware chosen especially for this collection.

The Melanie Rose Designs Collection is unlike any other we’ve produced, and we’ve made only 75 of each. Take advantage of this exclusive range of elegant and sophisticated bondage gear while they’re still available.
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