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The Stockroom isn't just one of the oldest and most complete online retailers of adult toys. We also design many of the products we sell, and craft most of them by hand in our Los Angeles workshops. Besides the Stockroom brand name that we use for our premium BDSM gear, our house brands include Syren Latex clothing; Stormy Leather corsets and strapon dildo harnesses; and beginner-friendly fetish toy line KinkLab®.

This page celebrates our original designs and innovations, which range from premium handmade leather and latex fetishwear and bondage gear, to items that represent the next generation of traditional BDSM toys, like the highly responsive Power Tripper™ violet wand body contact attachment. Check out the sections below to see hundreds of Stockroom’s signature products, including couture fetish clothing; leather restraints and slave collars; CBT devices; and electro sex toys. You'll find beautifully executed versions of classic BDSM equipment, as well as unique twists on traditional fetish gear. 

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