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Ties That Bind (Guy Baldwin)-The Stockroom

Ties That Bind (Guy Baldwin)

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The writings of Guy Baldwin, one of the most respected and knowledgeable people on the subject of the SM/leather/fetish erotic style, have been compiled in this book. Issues regarding relationships, the community, the SM experience, and personal transformation, as they relate to this form of play, are addressed.

Unlike many in the mental health field, Mr. Baldwin takes the approach that this style of erotic play can definitely be part of a healthy expression of one's sexuality. Many have benefited from his sound advice in seminars, workshops, and through his many published articles. Now, much of Guy Baldwin's wisdom had been published for you in this book.

A Daedalus Publishing title.

Praise for Ties That Bind:

In "The Ties that Bind," therapist and leatherman Guy Baldwin offers invaluable insights into our sexual style. Baldwin is intimately familiar with our relationships and community dynamics. His intelligent but accessible style always draws the reader in. Reading one of his books is like having a conversation with a wise and kinky elder of the tribe. -- Patrick Califia, author of "Sensuous Magic: A Guide for Adventurous Couples" and "Speaking Sex to Power

"Guy Baldwin's Ties That Bind is of fundamental importance to anyone with serious questions about the leather lifestyle. Nearly every aspect of this potent erotic experience is explored in depth. Phonies and Philistines need not apply, because what Baldwin stresses above all else is personal authenticity and candor." --Mark Thompson, editor of "Leatherfolk"

So this book has been in every store I've ever worked at and I never actually picked it up until s.m.u.t. put it in my hands to read. This book is a collection of articles that were written by Guy Baldwin and appeared in drummer magazine. At first I was not really interested in reading articles from old magazines. However, as I started to read through the book I realized that there was some wonderful insight that many people, and not just gay males, would love to come to know. The articles are written from a gay male leather tribe point of view, but he does address this in the his preface, Please take note this is not an instruction book, or a fictional novel so every thing that is written is here for a good reason, and do read any of the editor’s or author’s notes. I recommend this book for people coming out into the BDSM lifestyle leather gay or straight. It is relevant. - Mike Munrow, SMUT Magazine

Guy Baldwin, M.S. is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist who has specialized in working with erotic minorities for the last 20 years. He is perhaps best known for his essays, some of which appear in his second book, TIES THAT BIND: The SM, Leather, Fetish Erotic Style-Issues, Commentaries and Advice. He has also authored THE LEATHER CONTEST GUIDE: A Handbook for Promoters, Contestants, Judges and Titleholders and, most recently, SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude. In frequent demand as a prolific author, teacher, mentor and speaker, Guy has traveled the U.S. and Canada extensively to present a wide array of workshops, demonstrations, seminars and lectures to audiences of both players and health-care professionals, alike. In 1989, Guy served concurrently as International Mr. Leather, and as Mr. National Leather Association----the only person ever to do so. In 1999, he was keynote speaker at the Third Leather Leadership Conference held in San Francisco. In 2001, Guy was awarded both the Pantheon and Dominion lifetime achievement awards.

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