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Painfully Obvious (Davolt)-The Stockroom

Painfully Obvious (Davolt)

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Nominated for 2005 Stonewall Book Award - American Library Association

"Painfully Obvious" is a collection of 40 provocative essays by the former publisher of Drummer magazine and popular San Francisco leather columnist, Robert Davolt.

Originally written for the LeatherPage.com (the international leather community's "website of record" for news and commentary) this anthology takes an unorthodox look at leather relationships, community, contests, business, tradition, history and leadership. Inside perspective and practical tips on "What To Wear," "Leather On The Cheap" and "Passing The Bar," are delivered with authoritative research and barbed humor.

Introduction by respected leather columnist for the Minneapolis Lavender Steve Lenius. Foreword by International Mr. Leather 1996 and publisher of the LeatherPage.com Joe Gallagher. Biographical information by Henry B. (boy henry) Wilson

A Daedalus Publishing title.

Praise for Painfully Obvious

"Davolt aims to use humor to strip away some of the mystique surrounding the leather sub-culture, with chapters such as 'Painfully Correct Leather Bar Etiquette.'" -The Capital Times

"The Leather / BDSM/ Queer/ Pansexual Communities have been through so much in the last few decades. Visibility is at an all time high, while civil rights and freedoms are threatened every day. What better way to enjoy making sense of it all than by reading the insights of a very clever sadist." - SandM.com

"...Davolt really knows his stuff, and presents his information and advice boldly. I generally don't find myself laughing out loud when I read books about sex, but this time, I did. Filled with outrageous humour and ribald stories, Painfully Obvious will entertain and educate both newcomers to the scene as well as the old mainstays of the community." -S.M.U.T. Magazine

Non-Fiction; 5.5" by 8.5"; 250 pages. ISBN:1-881943-19-4

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