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A man has his hands in the Black Latex Double Fist Binder Restraint, holding them out in front of his muscular chest. The binder is made of shiny black latex and has two buckles around each wrist. There are two D-rings on each wrist.

Double Fist Binder

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SKU: R083

This Double Fist Binder keeps two fists, end-to-end, knuckles-to-knuckles, secure and controlled in one binder.

Made with 30-gauge black latex (that's about as thick as it gets), each end has two PVC wrist belts, two chrome-plated D-rings, and two chrome-plated steel lockable buckles.

A Stockroom original design. One size fits all.

All Syren items are made to order, just for you, and will take 4-6 weeks turnaround time by our Los Angeles production team.

NOTE: The default color for this item is Black. For this item in a different color or size, call us at 1-800-755-TOYS or 1-213-484-3882 or email info@stockroom.com to place your custom order. Please note that a custom surcharge fee will apply.

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