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2 Wheel Pinwheel-The Stockroom

2 Wheel Pinwheel

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SKU: E820

Sharpen up your play with this beautifully polished Double Wartenberg Pinwheel!

With its chrome-plated brass handle, this Wartenberg pinwheel fits perfectly in your hand and into any BDSM or medical roleplay situation that you might imagine. 22 spikes each give a tantalizing sensation when rolled over a patient's body; the fact that there are two of these wheels makes the torture that much more sweet!

The pinwheels can be removed from their spoke by undoing the flathead screw on the side in case two wheels is too much. 

Product Details:
• Wheel diameter: 1.25in/3cm
• Length: 6.5in/16.5cm
• Material: Chrome Plated Brass

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