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Stockroom Product Reviews FAQ

ANNOUNCING: product reviews on Stockroom.com!

You’ll probably notice there are not a lot of reviews yet, and that’s for a great reason: YOU write them! There are no compensated reviews, no stuffing of the ballot box.

Only one catch applies: we manually approve reviews. This is a GREAT thing for everyone, ensuring high-quality reviews all around, both positive and not-so-positive. Approving reviews means we can reject any review that is irrelevant to the product at hand or spammy.

Here are a few tips about reviews that should help your words make the published page:

Why NOT write a review?

Only write reviews about YOUR experience with a specific product. Have other feedback? If you have questions or concerns about The Stockroom or your order, we would love to help. Contact customer service for your feedback about things like: shipping, order status, product availability, hours, and the like.

Reviews that will likely not be approved: not about the specific product, contain website links, or contain excessive vulgarity (we want your honest experience with the product, just be wary of venturing into porn/erotica…).

Why write a review?

In a nutshell, write a review for any product that you own and have used and can offer feedback to other potential owners. We love positive reviews, but of course you can write a negative review, too. The key is that your review is SPECIFIC and USEFUL. That is all.

YOU are what makes product reviews so awesome and helpful. Now, go forth and write! And…. THANK YOU!

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