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The Stockroom/Syren Retail Store is Moving!

Stockroom is on the move!

As of March 23, The Stockroom and Syren Latex are moving into a new permanent retail space at 1769 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

We can't wait to welcome all our old friends (and hopefully some new ones!), so -- we're not. For a full week from the moment we throw open our doors, every paddle, cuff, whip, corset, latex catsuit, or instrument of torment can be yours for 25% off. You'll have to pardon our dust, but trust us -- it'll be worth it. The staff will appreciate seeing you as we get settled in.

With this new move, The Stockroom becomes even kinkier than ever before. We're now ready to accommodate one of Los Angeles's favorite fetishes: PARKING. We now have our own parking lot just for our customers. If sliding your car into an empty slot framed by thick, white lines on hard asphalt makes you tingle with anticipation, you're going to love it.

Your first chance to check out The Stockroom's new location is 12PM on March 23. Keep an eye out for our grand opening party, but don't make us wait that long to show you the new digs.

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