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Open Deeply

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Feeling that need to open up with your partner? Acclaimed therapist Kate Loree has written a comprehensive guide to building healthy consensually non-monogamous relationships — and keeping them healthy.

Loree specializes in clients who have non-monogamous relationships, and takes on all the realities of non-monogamous life using stories from her own life, the experiences of her clients, and current psychological approaches to attachment theory. Whether you’re just exploring your first non-monogamous relationship or have been in several, this is an extremely valuable in-depth guide that will give you the tools to enrich your journey.

What Others Say:
“A deeply compassionate book that offers grounded, somatic, practical skills for navigating non-monogamy. Kate Loree’s depth of knowledge and experience creates an accessible, thoughtful, jampacked guide to attachment styles, communication practices, coping with triggers, and healing old wounds. I feel like I got two years’ worth of therapy with a seriously gifted therapist by reading this book!”
—Tristan Taormino, author of Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships

“This is the book every consensually non-monogamous person has been waiting for! Going well beyond the basics, Open Deeply is a practical guide for navigating the messy, tender, imperfect parts of open relationships.”
—Sunny Megatron, Certified Sex Educator and host of the Showtime Original Series Sex with Sunny Megatron

“HOLY SH*T! I wish this was around twenty years ago! In a world where the prevalence of ‘alternative’ relationships is emerging at lightning speed, Open Deeply is a long-awaited foundational tool for a lifetime of loving ourselves and others.”
—jessica drake, sex educator, creator/director/producer of The Guide to Wicked Sex educational series, and brand strategist for Wicked Sensual Care

Product Details:
• 347 Pages
• Weight: 1.1 lbs
• Dimensions: 5.5” x 1” x 8.4”
• Publisher: She Writes Press
• ISBN: 978-1647423353

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