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Four Breast Pump Cylinders are arranged from largest to smallest against a blank background. They are transparent plastic cups with flared bases and small attachment points for a suction pump at the tops.

Breast Pump Cylinders, Pair

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SKU: C969

A bosom blessing, these cylinders are designed for use in conjunction with a pump (sold separately). For maximum effect, we recommend our Deluxe Brass Hand Pump, in conjunction with the Buddy T Nipple Connector. Available in small, medium, large, and x-large, the manufacturer touts these babies as breast enhancers that will increase a woman’s cup size.

Stockroom is more interested in sensation than we are in size, so we salute the cylinders for the pure enhancement of pleasure. For us, these Breast Pump Cylinders are all about increased excitement, and that after all is the grand prize.

Product Details:
Small (A cup) 4-1/4” diameter
Medium (B cup) 4-3/4” diameter
Large (C cup) 5-1/2” diameter
Extra Large (D cup) 6-1/4” diameter

SKU: C969 (Small)
SKU: C970 (Medium)
SKU: C971 (Large)
SKU: D200 (X-Large)

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