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Debbie's Gift by Amity Harris-The Stockroom

Debbie's Gift by Amity Harris

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Debbie has a special surprise for her loving lawyer husband, Ron. After a passionate night of erotically charged lovemaking, Ron dreamily agrees to become Debbie's slave. The next morning, a harsh reality sets in as Ron is "netted" and carted away in a dark limousine to be trained in the arts of sexual slavery.

Frightened, confused and angry, Ron endures all forms of degradation and humiliation meant to break the spirit of the new recruit. The secret slave training facility is a masterpiece of torment technology; under the rule of the cruel head mistress, the severe, sterile facility disciplines with razor sharp precision. Ron endures exhausting, homoerotic trials as Debbie watches his progress on a television screen in the comfort of her home.

A tale of sacrifice and, ultimately, love. Debbie's Gift is a dark, thrilling free fall of an erotic ride.

A Daedalus Publishing title by Amity Harris Fiction / 9"x 6" / 384 pages ISBN:1-892041-21-6 Softcover

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