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Best Lesbian Romance-The Stockroom

Best Lesbian Romance

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The erotic stories of Best Lesbian Romance put a new spin on lesbian love.

In Lynne Jamneck’s “Shooting Snow,” set in Greenland, a photographer and the scientist who has brought her north gradually melt the glacier between them. In Lisa Figueroa’s “Under the Skin,” a butch-femme couple on a tropical holiday discover the difference between new love and deep commitment. Best Lesbian Romance delivers smart, sexy “happily ever after” stories from such luminaries as Jewelle Gomez, Elspeth Potter, and Lori Lake.

“She held me close and I wasn’t sure if it was her heart beating or mine. The softness of her cheek, the heat of her against me, her breath at my ear, the firmness of her hand on my back were all a kind of communication. Our bodies were talking, which was just as well because I was pretty sure my voice was gone…” -- Jewelle Gomez, “Not the End of Liner Notes”

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