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June 15, 2024: Intro to Rope Handling and Knots


When you’re faced with a squirmy sub who’s just begging to be restrained, there are lots of ways to do it. We should know; we’ve done most of them, and designed a few dozen more in our workshop: The well-equipped kinkster’s bondage choices range from old-school handcuffs (be very careful with these), to straitjackets, specially-made wrist and ankle cuffs (and even thigh cuffs), armbinders, and full-body bondage via sleepsacks. By the time you read this, no doubt someone will have invented a dozen more.

But no matter how many innovations technology gives us, it’s hard to get away from the oldest kind of bondage there is: rope.

A nude woman with brown hair is shown wearing a red Japanese kimono in front of a white wall, and she is restrained shibari style with black nylon rope.

Rope was no doubt the first kind of bondage ever, unless you count just holding someone’s wrists. The first signs of rope-making date back to Neanderthal sites from over 50,000 years ago. It probably started being used for eroticism soon after that. There is a simple and sweet elegance to using rope to bind your partner that just can’t be beat by high-tech alloys and quick-locking devices.

Our next Stockroom University class will give you a taste in how to start using rope as part of your kink journey. Our instructor Kitt approaches rope as not merely an erotic instrument, but as something that becomes an extension of the top and intimately connects both (or all) partners. Her class on June 15 will cover not only basic techniques, but the sense of imagination and trust that goes into creating a really powerful rope bondage scene. We’re also proud to announce that this will be a co-production with The Play, Los Angeles’s private members club for BDSM.

We hope you’ll join us. Whether you’re just starting your journey into the eroticism of rope bondage or you’re interested in diving deeper into the psychology of the art, it’s going to be a remarkable experience.

Intro to Rope Handling & Knots

June 15, 12:30 - 2:30

1769 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
We’re very sorry, but we’re unable to provide recordings after the class for those who can’t attend at the given time.

About the Teacher

Kitt is an enthusiastic rope nerd who has a residency at Devil Mask Studio, L.A.’s queer-owned and operated shibari studio. With a lifelong dance background, she first ventured into rope modeling as a bottom in 2018, and soon got the itch to learn how to tie others.

Presented by Stockroom x The Play LA 

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