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The 4mm Female Banana Plug Junction Mystim Adapter Wire is shown coiled up against a blank background.

Mystim Adapter Wire, 4mm Banana Plug Junction, Female

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When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand. Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit, to be used with other manufacturers’ toys or their own product line.

Some types of connectors even allow you to control Mystim devices via a different brand of powerbox. The open architecture of their almost endless electrical configurations gives you total freedom, and the utmost in versatility!

This 5-foot-long adapter cable connects a roundplug such as used in a Mystim electrical controller unit, like the Tension Lover or Pure Vibes, to two (red and black, + / -) lead junctions for standard banana plugs like those used in Folsom Electric devices.

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