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A woman’s legs are shown kicked up into the air in front of a white wall. She is wearing shiny black Molded Latex Thigh-High Stockings and black heels with laces. The stockings are connected to a black garter.

Latex Thigh-High Stockings

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Latex Thigh-High Stockings are a must for any fetish fashionista. These sexy latex stockings are great for wearing out to clubs and parties or they're wonderful for wearing at home in a more intimate environment. As comfortable as they are durable, the latex stockings will uphold their design and integrity even in the most heavy-duty situations.

These sexy Stockings go very well with a wide variety of clothes and fetish pieces and can be used effectively to complement many different looks.

Latex stockings can be challenging to put on so please be patient. We recommend applying talcum powder or silicone Lubricant to both the skin and the interior of the stocking to aid in the process.

Made of durable .44mm thick latex

Our Latex Thigh-High Stocking measurements are as follows:

•Small: 36” Toe to Thigh, 7 ¼” Around foot, 10” Around heel, 7 ¼” Around ankle, 10 ¾” Around calf, 10 ¾” Around knee, 14” Around mid-thigh, 16” Around thigh

•Medium: 37” Toe to Thigh, 8” Around foot, 11 1/2” Around heel, 8 ½” Around ankle, 12 ½” Around calf, 12 ¼” around knee, 14 ½” Around mid-thigh, 17 ¼” Around thigh

•Large: 37 ½” Toe to Thigh, 8 ¼” Around foot, 12 ¼” Around heel, 9 ¾” Around ankle, 14” Around calf, 13 ¼” at knee, 17’ Around mid-thigh, 18 ½” Around thigh

•XL: 39 ¼” toe to thigh, 6” Around foot, 12 ¼” Around heel, 9 ¼” Around ankle, 15 ½” around calf, 15” around knee, 19” Around mid-thigh, 21” Around thigh

Note: If you are in-between sizes, you can size down to get more of a formed, sleek look or you can size up for a more comfortable feel and relaxed fit.

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