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Latex dresses can reveal so much even whilst being full-coverage. Form-fitting and stylish- latex highlights every beautiful curve of your body, and will make you feel sexier than you’ve ever felt before.

The beauty of latex is that you can be as kinky or fashion-forward as you want to be. Our Wednesday Dress is popular amongst Dom/mes and submissives, as well as for those who are looking to spice up their nightlife wardrobes. For more of a fetish look, our Front-Zip Tank Dress is a hot piece to bring into a scene. If you’re looking for something more business-friendly, pair a velvet shawl with the vintage-looking Juliette Dress, or throw a blazer over the Newmar Dress to show who’s boss. Whatever your kink or style,  our selection is sure to inspire your daily (and nightly) looks!
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