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Silicone & Rubber Cock Rings

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Aluminum Cock Rings

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Wood & Metal Cock Rings

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Vibrating Cock Rings

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Leather Cock Rings

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  Featured Silicone & Rubber Cock Rings

Oxballs Master/Slave Cock Ring

Oxballs Master/Slave Cock Ring $11.50

Avoid awkward confusion about roles in the bedroom with these Master/Slave cock rings from Oxballs.

Made from stretchable TPR (Thermoplastic rubber), a phthalate-free, body-safe material, these cock rings display the words "MASTER" and "SLAVE" on opposite faces of ring's base. In... More >>

Oxballs Cocksling 2

Oxballs Cocksling 2 $22.00

With the wild popularity of the original Cocksling, Oxballs decided to further perfect the design. The improved flex-TPR forumla is stronger and more durable, more like a silicone. The areas that get more stretch have thicker material, and another noticeable difference is in the opening, which now... More >>

  Featured Aluminum Cock Rings

Rainbow Cock Rings

Rainbow Cock Rings $11.00

These lightweight and sturdy cockrings come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can properly coordinate to your measurements and aesthetic preferences. Get one in your favorite color, or collect them all and turn your boys into a rainbow coalition!

Product Details:
More >>

Teardrop Cock Rings

Teardrop Cock Rings $80.00

The Teardrop Cock Ring is worn around the cock and balls, but what makes this cock ring different is that it gently massages the perineum (the spot between the balls and anus) and other erogenous zones.

It is made out of anodized aluminum, which is lighter and smoother than its... More >>

  Featured Wood & Metal Cock Rings

Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design

Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design $39.00

Looking to add an extra layer of kink to your naughty playtime? Try the Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design on for size!

This sleek ring is made of highly polished stainless steel and is decorated with an industrial looking metal ball chain design running through the middle.More >>

Steel Cock Ring wih Greek Design

Steel Cock Ring wih Greek Design $35.00

As much as the ancient Greeks have fame for their philosophy and government, they were also well known for their devotion to the pursuit of erotic pleasure. Carry on their noble work in modern times with the Steel Cock Ring with Greek Design.

Stainless steel forged for passionate... More >>

  Featured Vibrating Cock Rings

Renegade Vibrating Men‘s Ring

Renegade Vibrating Men‘s Ring $18.40

Deceptively elegant, the Renegade Vibrating Men’s Ring is a masterpiece of erotic design from NS Novelties that gives extra pleasure to oneself and/or one’s partner, while prolonging and intensifying the male orgasm. This little Renegade features two soft, super-stretchy rings of phthalate-free,... More >>

Invisible Companion 2

Invisible Companion 2 $16.50

Level up with the Invisible Companion 2, and heighten sensation and satisfaction for both you and your partner!

The simplest and most complete triple-action stimulator, this gummy elastomer cock-ring fits snugly around the shaft of your penis while another ring hugs your scrotum. A... More >>

  Featured Leather Cock Rings

Leather Cock Ring w/ Pyramid Studs

Leather Cock Ring w/ Pyramid Studs $12.50

This ring comes with pyramid-stud hardware for that extra-macho look. It measures 9/16" and sports three snaps to adjust the size for a snug fit.

... More >>

Leather and Snakeskin Cock Ring

Leather and Snakeskin Cock Ring $25.00

This beautiful designer cockring is handcrafted of genuine exotic snakeskin and butter-soft leather. Snap shut for easy adjustment.

• Diameter: 1.75in (4.44cm) - 2.5in (6.35cm)

• Width: .75in... More >>

Why wear a cock ring? There are various reasons:

  • Many people like the look.
  • Many men like the feel of having their cock and balls encircled... This ring in particular can feel as though someone has taken hold of you in an intimate grip.
  • Cock rings can create larger, harder erections. Since blood flow enters the penis through arteries on the inside of the shaft, and leaves it through the veins on the outside, wearing a cock ring can help to keep more blood inside the shaft-- which is what causes erections.
  • Many men report that wearing a cock ring intensifies the sensation of orgasm.

There is a trick to putting cock rings on, and taking them off. Here's how it works:

  1. Pull the scrotal skin through the ring.
  2. Follow this by popping the balls through.
  3. Now bend the penis down and pull it through the ring.

You'll find that following these steps will make getting the ring on much easier. To take it off, simply reverse the steps, pushing the cock back through the ring first, followed by the balls and finally the scrotal skin. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you not use a ring that is too small. To find the diameter of a snug-fitting ring, measure the distance around the cock and balls (at the base, behind the scrotum), and then divide by 3.1. Don't go smaller than that-- you don't want to get stuck.