Sex and Metal Wrist Trap (E276)

Sex and Metal Wrist Trap

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The Wrist Trap is a powder coated steel set of handcrafted restraint cuffs that attach to form a set of metal stocks for the hands. The width of the cuff is adjustable and has a maximum size of 3in and a minimum width of 1.25in. Steel loops on the end of each wrist shackle are perfect for roping, restraining, and bondage. The shackles can be detached by unscrewing them at the center.

The Wrist Trap is a sexy metal piece of BDSM dungeon equipment that is unlike any set of cuffs or wrist restraints, is a handcrafted steel sex toy that will not tarnish, and is ideal for interrogation games and role play, as well as discipline and punishment.

This bondage training and restraint instrument is a sexy set of adjustable shackles that is simple to clean using soap and warm water, and is non-allergenic.

Amp up the intensity by adding the Sex & Metal Nipple Trap pictured!

Product Details:

8 Pieces Total

  • Total Length of Device: 4.5in (11.4cm)

  • Total Width of Device: 4.5in (11.4cm)

  • Minimum Width of Wrist Cuff: 1.25in (3.2cm)

  • Maximum Width of Wrist Cuff: 3in (7.6cm)

Safety, Care, and Usage

The Wrist Trap should be cleaned after use with soap and warm water. Please play safely.

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