Sex and Metal Hand Trap (E147)

Sex and Metal Hand Trap
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Lovers of unusual BDSM gear will find these hand and finger bondage restraints to be a little bit medieval; a little bit futuristic; and completely unique and exciting. Offering the perfect solution to the problem of what to do with roaming hands, these high-quality steel devices go a step beyond traditional handcuffs to restrain the entire hand from wrist to fingertips. The adjustable wrist brace is tightened with a vise and set screw to ensure a lack of metacarpal mobility, while aluminum wingnut screws pin the fingers in place inside the steel rings to create a display as attractive as it is secure.

The Hand Traps can be used on their own, or as accessories for a variety of bondage scenarios and situations.

Product Information:

 • Sold as a pair

 • Total length from wrist cuff to rings: 7in/17.9cm

 • Wrist restraint fits wrists about 6 to 8 inches (15.2 to 21.4cm) around

 • Finger rings are about 0.75in/1.8cm across

 • Made of powder coated steel

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