Dildo Attachment (C349)

Dildo Attachment

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The Dildo Attachment provides a handy way for a submissive to give the dominant pleasure. Simply attach the dildo to the "How May I Help You?" Gag, and enjoy hours of handy servitude.

The dildo is attached to a sturdy, lightweight metal rod. The rod attaches to the metal tube in front of the gag. This 8" black rubber dildo has a realistic size and shape and is 1½" thick.

The gag and all other attachments are sold separately.

Scott Paul gear is très kinky, très chic, and built to last a lifetime. Made from aluminum tubing, stainless steel and other industrial components, this gear is well known for artistic styling, quality construction, and unique sensations to deliver a memorable experience. Every piece is designed and carefully hand assembled in Seattle, Washington.

*We apologize, but this item is not available for promotional discounts at this time.

For safety, sharing, and easy clean-up of your toys, use a condom!

Made in the USA

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