New Sex Toys

Plus Size Doggie Strap

Plus Size Doggie Strap $20.00

Sportsheets has finally done it…a doggie-style strap that will have full- curved women reaching her highest climax with the new Plus Size Doggie Strap!

This classic is back, now with a wider and longer soft padded strap. Still incredibly easy to use, that fits comfortably under your... More >>

Lelo HULA Beads

Lelo HULA Beads $169.00

A vibrating, rotating, remote-controlled Kegel exerciser? This toy does almost everything! Public perverts and private lovers alike will thrill to Lelo’s HULA, the Kegel balls with a twist.

HULA’s two sensuously curved beads look similar, but while one vibrates, the other rotates.... More >>

Serenity Vibrating Wand

Serenity Vibrating Wand $110.00

Welcome to the future of high-end erotic stimulation!

The Serenity vibrator from NS Novelties is fully flexible and poseable, enabling it to perform tasks that lesser massagers simply cannot. This incredibly versatile tool is formed of pthalate-free, body-safe, medical grade silicone,... More >>

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager $79.95

Whether at home, at work, out for the day or for the week, you'll never have to go without a back-arching orgasm for long when you're carrying the Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager!

Made of soft non-phthalate silicone, this massager feels smooth as it fits in your hand and won't... More >>

Mini Magic Attachment

Mini Magic Attachment $14.95

If you've come to love your convenient Mini Magic Massager, you'll grow even more inseparable when you put it together with its specifically designed attachment!

Just like its parent product, the Mini Magic Massager, this attachment is... More >>

Steel Cock Ring wih Greek Design

Steel Cock Ring wih Greek Design $35.00

As much as the ancient Greeks have fame for their philosophy and government, they were also well known for their devotion to the pursuit of erotic pleasure. Carry on their noble work in modern times with the Steel Cock Ring with Greek Design.

Stainless steel forged for passionate... More >>

Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design

Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design $39.00

Looking to add an extra layer of kink to your naughty playtime? Try the Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design on for size!

This sleek ring is made of highly polished stainless steel and is decorated with an industrial looking metal ball chain design running through the middle.More >>

Stainless Steel Cock Ring with Color Band

Stainless Steel Cock Ring with Color Band $30.50

Sure it has an eye-catching color, but that's not what people will be staring at when you use the Stainless Steel Cock Ring with Color Band!

For a sexy secret hidden beneath your skivvies try this seamless cock ring that looks great and feels even better. With your choice of three... More >>

Stainless Steel and Black Cock Ring

Stainless Steel and Black Cock Ring $30.50

Give partners something to fantasize about all day when you tell them that you're wearing your Stainless Steel and Black Cock Ring to get yourself in the mood for the night!

Sitting comfortably down there with your penis and testicles put through it, this metal cock ring is hard to... More >>

Apollo Power Stroker

Apollo Power Stroker $75.00

While there's plenty of fun to be had masturbating the old fashioned way, you'll feel like you've walked through life blind until the point that you try out the Apollo Power Stroker, which will have you stroking so much that you just might actually lose your sight!

Starting with... More >>

Maximus: The Baron

Maximus: The Baron $40.00 - $49.00

If you're a person of fine tastes only the biggest and best will do then accept this invitation to fuck around with The Baron dildo!

Only the finest quality TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) is used to The Baron, so feel free to used your favorite lube and cleaning product. Plus, TPR means... More >>

Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong

Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong $94.00

Getting bent over by Shane Diesel is a fantasy that doesn't come true for everybody, but with the Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong that pleasure can be yours!

Starting with a 100%-accurate (except for the suction cup base) mold of The Diesel's vein-covered cock and balls, this gigantic... More >>

Shane Diesel Dildo

Shane Diesel Dildo $80.00

Your engine is certain to rev harder and stronger when fueled up with the specially-molded Shane Diesel Dildo!

Using an actual mold of adult performer Shane Diesel's massive member, this dildo is accurate from its rounded head to blood-filled veins down to its bulging balls. The... More >>

Key Comet Wand

Key Comet Wand $89.99

The Key Comet Wand from Jopen will unlock the deepest of desires. The durable firm glass body of this form-hugging, sensually curved glass dildo, is dipped in luxuriantly soft body-safe silicone, making it the perfect toy for many years to come.

Let it dig into your darkest recesses,... More >>

Renegade II Vibrating Massager

Renegade II Vibrating Massager $40.00

Long, dark, and powerful, the Renegade Vibrating Massager has been specially designed for deeply satisfying anal stimulation.

The Renegade is ergonomically designed to stimulate your p-spot, and stands 5 inches tall and 4 inches in circumference at its widest. Manufactured from... More >>

Embrace Sweetheart Wand

Embrace Sweetheart Wand $84.00

This powerful wand is no mere fairy tale!

The Embrace Sweetheart Wand is a powerful, ergonomically shaped silicone vibrator that features seven discrete modes of intense vibration, pulsation, and escalation.

Anatomically shaped to stimulate your erogenous zones and keep... More >>

Envy Three

Envy Three  $129.00

This baby does everything!

Powered by PowerBullet technology, The Envy Three by Jopen offers 7 modes of vibration that are easy to explore thanks to the intuitive controls and easily distinguishable buttons. Even in the dark, you'll be able to get from point A to point B with just... More >>

Envy Seven Vibrator

Envy Seven Vibrator $143.00

This is a pleasure device-extraordinaire! The Envy Seven from Jopen is all the artificial intelligence your libido needs.

A state of the art multi-speed motor drives the soft, body-safe silicone shaft, while an independent second motor moves the bunny-eared clit stimulator for up to... More >>

Lust L6 Vibrator

Lust L6 Vibrator $89.00

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights: the Lust by Jopen is a flower that blooms inside you!

This tulip-shaped vibrator has two long quivering silicone petals which bloom around its intense ten-speed stamen when it’s turned on. These petals open up to contour to your shape,... More >>

Lust L5 Vibrator

Lust L5 Vibrator $89.99

Say hello to your little lily lover!

The L5 is a more petite version of the Lust from Jopen. This quivering vibrator has tongue-like petals that extend from its firm central core, tickling and licking your insides in ten adjustable speeds and patterns. You’re sure to find the... More >>

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set $40.00 | SALE: $25.00

Ladies, prepare to tighten up and experience a whole new world of stronger orgasms after working out with the Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set!

Made entirely of silky soft body safe silicone, this product is safe and comfortable. More importantly, with regular use it is designed... More >>

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator $100.00

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back Amorino.

You're going to forget all about your other toys when you use this innovation in vibrating and stimulating technology. When you turn the toy on, the yellow silicone band stretched between the tip... More >>

Embrace Love Balls

Embrace Love Balls $108.99

Need to meditate on your orgasm? This spiritual regimen will have you levitating in no time!

Embrace Love Balls from California Exotics are a linked pair of buzzing silicone kegel exercise balls that you'll learn to love back once you get to know them. Safe underwater, and with all... More >>

Mystim Sizzling Simon

Mystim Sizzling Simon $169.80

The revolutionary new e-stim vibrators from Mystim are the only self-contained toys that combine electrical stimulation and vibration, with no cables or external devices required for operation!

Mystim’s sleek, black Sizzling Simon contains two vibratory motors, one in the tip and... More >>

Je Joue G-Kii

Je Joue G-Kii $119.00

Go for the G-Gold with the G-Kii More G Spot from Je Joue! This pliable, quivering little gymnast of a vibrator will bend itself into 2 pleasure enhancing positions, as your routine requires.

The G-Kii can match your unique curves, for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. With... More >>

Silicone Puppy Tail

Silicone Puppy Tail $89.00 - $109.00

The butt plug that your loyal pal has been begging for is finally here!

Combining the fantasy of puppy play with the anal stimulation of a butt plug, anybody who wears this supple tail is bound to end up wagging it in delight while forming a deep connection with their owner. The... More >>

Oxballs Master/Slave Cock Ring

Oxballs Master/Slave Cock Ring $11.50

Avoid awkward confusion about roles in the bedroom with these Master/Slave cock rings from Oxballs.

Made from stretchable TPR (Thermoplastic rubber), a phthalate-free, body-safe material, these cock rings display the words "MASTER" and "SLAVE" on opposite faces of ring's base. In... More >>

Meathead Ass Lock by Oxballs

Meathead Ass Lock by Oxballs $87.00

Looking for a hypoallergenic silicone cock ring and butt plug combo that will satisfy the most experienced anal plug enthusiast?

The Meathead butt plug by Oxballs features a tapered base that is contoured to slide in and in place, while the flared head stimulates with the most casual... More >>

Double Fucker by Oxballs

Double Fucker by Oxballs $68.00

Enthrall the adventurous bottom in your life with the Double Fucker by Oxballs.

Made from Platinum Cure Silicone, the Double Fucker features a firm but yielding 7 inch shaft that molds to the base of your penis. Its flared head, enhances double penetration while it's cock ring keeps... More >>

Oxballs Triple Penetrator

Oxballs Triple Penetrator $88.00

Two may be better than one, but everybody knows that three is the magic number!

The 3-Way Triple Penetrator from Oxballs offers you a chance to expand your horizons...amongst other things. Truly novel, this strap-on double dildo attaches via a cock ring to create a silicone sandwich... More >>

Renegade Pleasure Rocker XL

Renegade Pleasure Rocker XL $64.00

The Renegade Pleasure Rocker XL from NS Novelties was made extra big to go extra deep by popular demand—and it doesn’t talk back.

This variable width dildo gets larger and larger as you move down the shaft. Rock back and forth (with no hands or partner required!) for that thrusting... More >>

Renegade Vibrating Massager

Renegade Vibrating Massager $50.00

Don’t let its odd shape fool you — the Renegade Vibrating Massager from NS Novelties has been scientifically designed for maximum erotic stimulation.

Constructed of nonporous Silky Feel silicone with a premium-quality vibrating bullet in the base, this sleek, primer-black bad boy... More >>

Tinglers Vibrating Plug

Tinglers Vibrating Plug $34.00

Combining the best parts of a butt plug, anal beads, and a vibrator, the Tinglers Vibrating Butt Plug puts the cherry on top of your sweetest moments!

The flexible yet firm plug has a pleasing anal bead shape so that each level of penetration is more exciting than the last. If the... More >>

Tinglers II Vibrating Plug

Tinglers II Vibrating Plug $34.00

If you like to be poked in the bottom, the Tinglers II vibrating plug from NS Novelties is the anal probe for you.

This petite silicone garden gnome-shaped plug has three pulsation speeds manipulated by a remote control that is interchangeable with other models. It is waterproof,... More >>

Tinglers III Vibrating Plug

Tinglers III Vibrating Plug $34.00

This crooked little ball-ended toy is an anal spelunker, searching your cave for a pleasure treasure. Shaped rather like a slightly bent, three-jointed bulbous finger, the Tinglers Plug III from NS Novelties can be maneuvered until you see fireworks.

Made of pliable, non-porous,... More >>

 Channel Surfer Remote Control Anal Plug

Channel Surfer Remote Control Anal Plug $80.00

What do you get for the person who likes everything? Options!

A perfect gift for your personal assistant, the battery-operated wireless Channel Surfer vibrating butt plug with remote control is an ass full of ten-speed fun!

Made from velvety-smooth 100% waterproof... More >>

Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker

Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker $60.00

You don't have to marry Keith Richards to have a rocker in the bedroom. With the Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker in your arsenal you're gonna have a whole lotta love.

Made from body-safe silicone, the Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker has a firm silicone shaft and wide clitoral cup that... More >>

Infinit Massager

Infinit Massager $199.00

The Infinit Massager is as flexible as its potential for stimulating your g-spot, clitoris, perenium, or anywhere else its soft silicone fingers can reach!

This three-armed personal massager can find just the right spot (or spots) for the climax you’ve always wanted. Its three soft... More >>

Maximus King Pleasure Dong

Maximus King Pleasure Dong $60.00

It’s good to be the King! The Maximus King Pleasure Dong from NS Novelties is truly the ruler of every orifice. This enormous monster dildo is sculpted in smooth black Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that’s phthalate-free, soft to the touch, yet sturdy to the core. Its wide, flat base allows for... More >>

Maximus Queen Pleasure Dong

Maximus Queen Pleasure Dong $60.00

Now this is a true size queen! The Maximus Queen Pleasure Dong from NS Novelties is built to give any orifice the royal treatment — no matter how tight a fit. This segmented, enormous monster is sculpted in black Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that’s phthalate-free, soft to the touch, yet sturdy to... More >>

Maximus Knight Pleasure Dong

Maximus Knight Pleasure Dong $60.00

Here’s a big, black knight who’s on a fearless crusade to fill every nook and cranny. The Maximus Knight Pleasure Dong from NS Novelties stands at over 7 1/2 inches high, but his fat, rounded shape has a thick circumference that even exceeds that of our enormous Maximus King dildo. A smooth, molded... More >>

The Cocksucker‘s Mirror

The Cocksucker‘s Mirror $36.00

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back The Cocksucker’s Mirror!

Give them an eyeful with this oval innovation, a cock accessory that makes them watch their facial expressions, tongue movements, and more as they greedily service your cock. Great... More >>

Colours Pleasures Dildo

Colours Pleasures Dildo $56.60

Ever feel like a bottomless pit? The colossal black-as-midnight Colours Pleasures from NS Novelties may just fill you up!

With a generous helping of a touch more than 8 inches, it’s a match for even the most voracious appetite. This artfully molded, veiny, realistic silicone penis has a... More >>

Crystal Droplets

Crystal Droplets  $21.70

These crystal balls see ecstasy in your future. Originally designed for NASA, borosilicate glass is non-porous and body safe, making it the perfect material for butt plugs.

The Crystal Droplets can be brought to whatever level of heat or cool you desire, or will match your body’s... More >>

Crystal Spires

Crystal Spires $20.00

Classically tapered into a gently widening, anal thrilling swell, the gorgeously sleek, immensely precise Crystal Spires plug is incredibly manageable, excitingly responsive to temperature changes, and just the perfect size. In short, nothing if not satisfying.

Made of a uniformly... More >>

Crystal Butt Plug (Small)

Crystal Butt Plug (Small) $16.50

These Crystal plugs are sure to open up a whole new world. Made of 100% hand-blown, premium borosilicate glass, Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Crystal items can be heated/cooled to your personal desire.
More >>

Crystal Butt Plug (Medium)

Crystal Butt Plug (Medium) $18.40

Not too small, not too large but just right. The medium Crystal plug is made of 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass. Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Crystal items can be heated/cooled to your personal... More >>

Crystal Butt Plug, Large

Crystal Butt Plug, Large  $20.90

All that practice has finally paid off! The large Crystal plug is made of 100% hand-blown, premium borosilicate glass.

Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. This big boy can be heated or cooled to your... More >>

Tantus Anaconda Dildo

Tantus Anaconda Dildo $60.00

The first in a new line of Tantus toys featuring an ergonomic grip handle, the Anaconda packs girth and a realistic shape. Made specifically for heavy thrusting, it is perfect for those who like their penetration a little harder and deeper.

Tantus products are made of platinum,... More >>

Muse Massager

Muse Massager $73.00

Regular Price: $73.30
Sale Price: $59.95!


Sometimes a silly-looking toy hides a serious purpose. The bestselling Muse Massager from NS Novelties combines an elegant and... More >>

New BDSM Gear

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag $199.00

Designed and created in our Los Angeles workshop, this puppy play accessory is made for those who want to experience animal roleplay outside the restrictive confines of our puppy hoods, this muzzle allows for more facial expression by the wearer, while the removable leather strap and silicone ball... More >>

Oxballs Guard Gag

Oxballs Guard Gag $92.00

Watersports enthusiasts, spunk fetishists, and even those new to gag play will find something to love in this unique open-mouth design - the first collaboration between The Stockroom and Oxballs!

The Guard makes a fine all-purpose gag; newbies will feel comfortable chomping down on... More >>

Stainless Steel Ankle and Wrist Bondage Set

Stainless Steel Ankle and Wrist Bondage Set $307.00

Erotic restraints can be used to deliver a message. In the case of this fearsome ankle and wrist bondage set from Rapture Novelties, the message is loud and clear: You’re not going anywhere!

Constructed of polished, heavy stainless steel, and connected by an industrial o-ring link... More >>

Five Piece Steel Band Bondage Set

Five Piece Steel Band Bondage Set $183.00

Secure your most valuable plaything using this 5-piece steel band bondage set from Rapture Novelties!

Available in Small or Large, it features several options to customize the dimensions of its collar, wrist cuffs and ankle shackles. These extremely versatile pieces of equipment,... More >>

Steel Band Wrist Cuffs

Steel Band Wrist Cuffs $55.00

With the wrists of your partner locked in these steel-band cuffs, you’ll find there’s no end to the kinky possibilities!

Constructed of sturdy yet flexible stainless steel seated in a soft, comfortable black rubber backing, and secured together by a steel link chain and miniature... More >>

Steel Wire Slave Collar

Steel Wire Slave Collar $35.00

Whether for fetish fantasy or just fancy embellishment, you're bound to look naughty when wearing the Steel Wire Slave Collar.

Those who punish and are in need of punishing alike will appreciate the unforgiving metal look of this edgy yet perfectly discreet collar. Made of steel... More >>

Men‘s Bolero Straitjacket

Men‘s Bolero Straitjacket $610.00

What's good for the goose is great for the gander! We're proud to present the long awaited Men's Bolero Straitjacket™ from our kinky in-house workshop directly into - and over - your loving arms.

One of our most unique and sought-after creations, the original Bolero... More >>

Silicone Ball Gag with Garment Leather Strap

Silicone Ball Gag with Garment Leather Strap $22.50 - $25.00

Tired of slaves whining and taking the fun out of your BDSM frolics? Put a stop to all the noise with this Silicone Ball Gag with Garment Leather Strap.

Hygienic silicone forms the ball portion of this device, ensuring that the only ailments that the wearer gets are what the dom... More >>

Locking Cleopatra Collar w/ Ring

Locking Cleopatra Collar w/ Ring $175.00

This uniquely feminine slave collar can be worn as a symbol of submission, or as an eye-catching accessory to your club gear, fetish outfit, costumes, etc. It is lightweight, has smooth edges, and is lined with soft black suede for comfort.

With a classic shape that is narrow on the... More >>

Steel Band Ankle Shackles

Steel Band Ankle Shackles $69.00

For those times when your subs have behaved so badly that you don't want them wandering out of your sight, stick these shackles on their ankles and they'll be all yours until you say otherwise!

Made up of stainless steel bands for a clean yet imposing look, these ankle restraints... More >>

Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar

Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar $91.00

It may be tough to restrain your excitement when you realize how securely you can restrain your favorite sub in the Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar!

Solid stainless steel truly makes the wearer feel the weight of the world and think about all their naughty deeds as it sits... More >>

Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs

Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs $139.00

Sometimes, bondage devices coddle subs with comfort and an easy way out...not so with Rapture's Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs!

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel throughout, these cuffs make any erotic use into an extra weighty affair. The cuffs are kept closely together with a... More >>

Stainless Steel Ankle Shackles

Stainless Steel Ankle Shackles $139.00

Don't let excessive comfort and easy ways to escape get in the way of your fantasy play; Rapture's Stainless Steel Ankle Shackles will keep your subs locked and weighed down until they've paid for their naughtiness!

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel throughout, these shackles make... More >>

Bon4 Stainless Steel Chastity Device

Bon4 Stainless Steel Chastity Device $209.00

For those seeking serious male chastity, this beautifully crafted stainless steel device from Bon4 is sure to deliver! Not only does this cage look great, it’s also completely functional, giving you full control of your male submissive, wherever they may be.

Available in two sizes,... More >>

Stainless Steel Collar

Stainless Steel Collar $75.00

With its simple and stunning design, this stainless steel collar assures compliance from the neck down.

When taking control of a submissive playmate, a dom needs more than just the illusion of restraint; this circular stainless steel collar assures that no premature escape is... More >>

5 Piece Stainless Steel Restraint Set

5 Piece Stainless Steel Restraint Set $198.00

For the naughtiest subs, secure every limb using this complete restraint set that takes bondage to a level that would even make the most hardened inmates weep!

The wrist cuffs and ankle shackles are oval-shaped for a margin of comfort, but don't worry: once you've locked the... More >>

30-inch Rattan Cane

30-inch Rattan Cane $35.00

Sometimes a Dom needs a symbol of authority, and what better way to represent power than an item that can be used to point, prod, or give pain?

With this light cane, made of flexible rattan, whipping a sub into shape is a breeze - a breeze that makes a whoosh as it speeds... More >>

Brown Leather Flogger w/ Walnut Handle

Brown Leather Flogger w/ Walnut Handle $129.00

When it comes to administering discipline, the right instrument can make all the difference.

This medium-length, finely crafted flogger feels nimble and lightweight, but delivers 15 thick strands of dark brown Highland Steer leather to the point of impact, and believe us, it packs... More >>

Serpent Tongue Whip "Silicone Slitherer" by Sex and Metal

Serpent Tongue Whip "Silicone Slitherer" by Sex and Metal $84.00

Rattle your favorite slave into submission by giving an intimate encounter with the wild fury of the "Silicone Slitherer" serpent tongue whip!

Adorned with stainless steel spikes on the sides, this whip will hiss through the air with ease due to its light weight; the powder coated... More >>

Leather Serpent Tongue Whip "The Slitherer" by Sex and Metal

Leather Serpent Tongue Whip "The Slitherer" by Sex and Metal $70.00

Fear and discomfort are natural reactions to the cool, calculating movements of a snake; imagine how your sub will react when faced with the prospect of being bitten by "The Slitherer", a leather serpent tongue whip that's as unpredictable as you are!

Built for quick strikes, the... More >>

Sex and Metal Leather Blisterer Flogger

Sex and Metal Leather Blisterer Flogger $70.00

Sex and Metal is back with another tantalizing tool of torture the Leather Blisterer Flogger!

The hollow powder coated brushed raw steel handle is covered in blisters like the ones that your misbehaving sub might be owed, and is topped with a pair of spikes that warn of the... More >>

Sex and Metal Leather Serpent Tongue "The Blisterer"

Sex and Metal Leather Serpent Tongue "The Blisterer" $70.00

Fill the air with the sounds of snapping and hissing as you cut it up with Sex and Metal’s Leather Serpent Tongue!

The powder coated brushed raw steel handle with shining spikes up top and raised bumps all over is hollow on the inside so you can lash your sub again and again without... More >>

Sex and Metal Basket Case Cuffs

Sex and Metal Basket Case Cuffs $96.00

Slaves and subs take note: Sex and Metal are ready to keep you immobilized and out of trouble with their new Basket Case Cuffs.

Other restraints may give some freedom of movement to the hands, but this single raw steel unit ensures that they won't go anywhere that you don't want... More >>

Premium Garment Leather General Purpose Bondage Straps

Premium Garment Leather General Purpose Bondage Straps $58.00

This pair of versatile bondage straps can be customized according to your preferences. Each strap is 28" long and 2" wide and made of the highest quality premium garment leather. On one end we've attached a 2" wide D-ring, while on the other there is a 1.75" D-ring to suit your bondage needs,... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Leash

Premium Garment Leather Leash $26.00

This leash is much like our basic black leather leash, only it is made with our premium garment leather, giving it a softer, more luxurious look and feel. It features a wrist loop on one end and a sturdy clasp to latch onto a collar or other restraint. Simple but stylish, this 2.5' long and 3/4"... More >>

Steel Band Collar with Leash

Steel Band Collar with Leash $59.95

Prepare to dominate with absolute power when you lock this steel banded collar around your sub’s neck.

Exciting BDSM possibilities abound with this sleek, multi-featured collar. A shining stainless steel ring is lined with rubber on the edge and inside to prevent unnecessary... More >>

New Wearables & Accessories

Beret with Petal Detail

Beret with Petal Detail  $70.00

A chic and modern chapeau, perfectly adorned with a single, latex petal. Secured in place with a thin black elastic cord, this petite beret is carefully handmade of 30 gauge (.80mm) latex in our Los Angeles workshop.

The default color is Black with Red... More >>

Mistress Mask

Mistress Mask $28.00

Uncover the mysterious minx in you, the Mistress Mask keeps your secrets a while flaunting your flirtatious eyes. With lingerie hardware and an adjustable strap, this piece is made from a high quality 30 gauge (.80mm) latex. Available in any of our selected colors.

More >>

Kitten Headband

Kitten Headband $55.00

“Daddy, please give Kitten her reward.”

Charming latex cat ears are delicately placed on a spring steel headband that is expertly wrapped in 14-gauge (.33mm) latex. The ears themselves are double layered 30-gauge (.80mm) latex and handmade in our Los Angeles workshop.
More >>

Racer Front Tank

Racer Front Tank $79.00

Flaunt your shoulders and bare that tummy in this body-con, cropped tank top. Uniquely silhouetted, featuring a racer front and back design with a round neckline. The Racer Front Tank is handmade with 14-gauge (.33mm) in our Los Angeles workshop, and available in any of our selected colors.More >>

Lulu Micro Mini Skirt

Lulu Micro Mini Skirt $125.00

A scrumptious micro mini skirt with subtle sex appeal. The petite bow and pleated trim let you be a girly girl while the hip hugging fit and micro mini length brings out the sex kitten in you. A thick waistband lines the top and is handmade from a high quality 14 gauge (.33mm) latex.
More >>

Empire Waist Pencil Skirt

Empire Waist Pencil Skirt $158.00

Maximize your hourglass with this Empire-Waisted Pencil Skirt. With a thick waistband and featherlite boning in front, this skirt holds it's slim fitting shape. Pair it with your favorite crop top or bustier. Back zipper for easy entry. Handmade in Los Angeles from a high quality 14-gauge (.33mm)... More >>

Newmar Dress

Newmar Dress $245.00

This is that latex wardrobe staple that no closet should be without. The Newmar dress is the quintessential little black dress. A demure, pencil length dress that loves a lady with curves and compliments all her assets. With adjustable straps, lingerie hardware and a zipper in back, this piece is... More >>

Knee High Stirrups

Knee High Stirrups $49.00

Add a bit of cabaret to your latex wardrobe with these latex knee highs. Get them in transparent for a soft lingerie feel or go bold with a pop of color. A stirrup bottom keeps the knee highs in place while adding a bit of comfort. Handmade from a high quality 14 gauge (.33mm) latex, this item is... More >>

Front Zip Catsuit

Front Zip Catsuit $410.00

A true fetish classic, this sleek and alluring catsuit is guaranteed to make a purr-fect impression. Thoughtfully seamed to hug and accentuate all your curves. Features a high collar and front zipper that runs down and around to the back just above the derriere, with 3 zip heads for versatility.... More >>

Jabot Halter Top w/ Trim

Jabot Halter Top w/ Trim $168.00

Delightful trim adorns the flirtatious layers of this open back crop top. Handmade from 14-gauge (.33mm) latex, the Jabot Halter Top brings to mind the playfulness of the swinging 60's. A trio of trimmed flounces accentuate the bust line while a high collar that zips in the back, crowns this... More >>

Cheeky Panty

Cheeky Panty $44.00

The perfect first layer, the Cheeky Panty seems basic at first - but don’t let that fool you! Handmade in 14-gauge (.33mm) latex, this panty is subtly cut in a flattering design with a gentle curve in the front, low-slung hip-hugger appeal, with just the right amount of cheeky-ness in the back to... More >>

Glovelette w/ Trim

Glovelette w/ Trim $37.00

Nothing brings polish to a perfectly chosen outfit like the addition of gloves, and our Glovelettes are no exception. Handmade in 14-gauge (.33mm) latex with tastefully trimmed edges, these subtle accessories are extremely wearable thanks to their fingerless design.

More >>

Newmar Basque w/ Trim

Newmar Basque w/ Trim $235.00

The perfect symbiosis of fetishwear and classic lingerie! The Newmar Basque features an elegant combination of the familiar - delicately trimmed corset inspired seams, flirtatious pinup styling, and the tantalizing fun of attached garters. This figure flattering basque is perfectly handmade from... More >>

Bardot Monokini

Bardot Monokini $118.00

The retro-style design gives this bodysuit a flirtatious edge. Handmade with 14-gauge (.33mm) latex this swimsuit-like piece is enticing with its flattering Bond Girl cut. Sexy enough for playtime or a night out under a sheer dress for added mystique.

NOTE:... More >>

Jabot Halter Top

Jabot Halter Top $148.00

Handmade from luscious layers of flounced 14-gauge (.33mm) latex, the Jabot Halter Top brings to mind the playfulness of the swinging 60's. The delicate frills accentuate the bust line while a high collar that zips in the back, crowns this youthful crop top. Perfectly paired with our classic hot... More >>

Newmar Camisole

Newmar Camisole $138.00

Chic simplicity perfectly describes the Newmar Camisole - inspired by the familiar lines of a classic bustier, but with a certain sense of retro nostalgia. Slim fully adjustable straps, an artfully seamed bodice, and a flattering bustline, this top simply makes a statement. Handmade in our Los... More >>

Natural Waist Leggings

Natural Waist Leggings $154.00

There are few wardrobe staples as fashionable and versatile as leggings. The same goes for these handmade 14-gauge (.33mm) latex leggings. Cut higher to sit at the natural waist, they stand alone as the ultimate skin tight pants. Create a variety of edgy "Fetishista" looks by incorporating latex... More >>

Sweetheart Dress w/ Short Sleeves

Sweetheart Dress w/ Short Sleeves $264.00

With an elegant, wide-set bodice neckline, the Sweetheart Dress makes a lasting impression. A wearable short-sleeve choice handmade in 14-gauge (.33mm) latex, princess seams create flattering lines for the figure, and a back zipper gives the benefit of slip-on and slip-off ease. A timeless design... More >>

Adoration Choker

Adoration Choker $77.00

A gloriously opulent pewter ornament that is worn fastened to the neck with a silky black ribbon as a choker.

The Adoration Choker is formed of delicate gothic filigree that creates an impactful presence on the neck and displays the sparkle of two emerald green crystals. Hanging... More >>

Fortune‘s Favor Pendant

Fortune‘s Favor Pendant $59.00

A distinctive pendant in the shape of a sword, Fortune’s Favor pendant incorporates multiple symbols of power and destiny.

The sword’s hilt extends into a fleur de lis tipped cross, and is adorned with a majestic pentacle finished with indigo enamel. Copper metal banners entwining... More >>

Strange Aeons Ear Charm

Strange Aeons Ear Charm $44.00

Adorn yourself with an ominous accessory from deep under the sea!

This pewter ear wrap curves up and over the ear 2.4 inches from its pierced-lobe fastening of a surgical steel post. The bottom section of the piece, or the back of the earring post, extends further below the ear an... More >>

Nachtschwarmer Pendant

Nachtschwarmer Pendant $48.00

This startling necklace makes an unmistakable impression.

A beautifully realized and painstakingly detailed vampire bat hovers menacingly, spreading its wings underneath the wearer’s collarbones to reach an almost 5-inch wingspan.

The Nachtschwarmer Pendant hangs... More >>

Spirit Star Pendant

Spirit Star Pendant $42.00

An ideal accessory for any goth or fantasy outfit, a symbol of power and unity inverted to embrace anarchy!

This bold pewter Spirit Star pendant is about 2” wide and can add its classic iconography to the most casual or formal of occasions. In the shape of a classic five-pointed... More >>

Briar Rose Pendant

Briar Rose Pendant $135.00

Falling slightly lower than a choker, the Briar Rose Pendant decorates the collarbone with dark blooms and a bleeding heart.

The necklace center is an enameled red over Swarovski crystal heart, surrounded by thorny vines crafted in fine English pewter. The heart bleeds, pierced by... More >>

Masque Morte Pendant

Masque Morte Pendant $110.00

Looking for the the perfect necklace to finish your Carnivale or sinister circus outfit?

This skull shaped mask is a gorgeous statement piece that tempers its seductive shape with lively brilliant blue and ruby red crystal inlay.

Additional crystals hang suspended... More >>

Vitis Sanguis Necklace

Vitis Sanguis Necklace $118.00

A lush necklace takes the form of delicate vines that drip with pewter skulls, amethyst-colored crystal drops, and sparkling crosses.

This glamorous piece evokes both nature’s growth and decay in one gorgeous piece of wearable art. The gothic-inspired necklace itself is a... More >>

Fior di Battaglia Pendant

Fior di Battaglia Pendant  $90.00

Never be far from your trusty blade again!

The “Flower of Battle” is an Elizabethan-period influenced rapier with an ornate swirl of copper colored hilt, a rose Swarovski crystal at the center, and a jet black pommel at the top. This delicate sword is over 5 inches long, and... More >>

Dolores del Corazon Pendant

Dolores del Corazon Pendant $68.00

A lavishly adorned sacred heart centers a flared cross in a red enamel and English pewter frame surrounded in jet Swarovski crystals.

The pendant hangs suspended from black ribbons and lobster claw clasps, adjustable to reach the perfect length at the base of the throat or underneath... More >>

Nouveau Nuit Necklace

Nouveau Nuit Necklace $94.00

A dramatic statement that hangs from delicate black ribbon at the base of the throat, the Nouveau Nuit Necklace covers the collarbone in beautiful metal work reminiscent of a corset, open in the center and laced with more ribbon.

At the base of the main component of the necklace, a... More >>

Night‘s Guardian Pendant

Night‘s Guardian Pendant $22.00

A nocturnal friend to dress up any outfit!

This little bat is cast in English pewter, highly detailed with a little smiling face and fully realized tiny legs, suspended from a delicate 20-inch silver-tone chain. The metal has a subtle sheen, and is oxidized to show off the tiny... More >>

Colchian Dragon Bracelet

Colchian Dragon Bracelet $95.00

Snaking around a wrist to make its home, the Colchian Dragon is an ancient entity given form in English pewter and detailed with deeply carved scales and jet-black crystals along its spiky back.

The bracelet is spring-hinged for ease in putting on or taking off, as well as for an... More >>

The Reaper Ear Charm

The Reaper Ear Charm $42.00

This earring takes the shape of an elegantly curved scythe, its pewter blade and handle pierced at either end to hold a delicate chain.

Shaped to follow the lines of the left ear, the Reaper Ear Charm fastens itself to the lobe with a surgical steel post. Further embellishing the... More >>

The Contraption Ear Charm

The Contraption Ear Charm $78.00

Is it jewelry or a mysterious device? Who knows what purpose the Contraption Ear Charm serves!

This pewter creation takes the form of a delicate miniature steampunk listening device. Constructed of a miniature amplification module, chain, coil and clockwork pieces, it includes a tiny... More >>

Silver Thorn Whip Ear Charm

Silver Thorn Whip Ear Charm $42.00

With spikes, chains and a tiny little padlock, the Silver Thorn Whip Ear Charm flouts subtle in favor of striking!

A piece like this would make a statement well suited for a punk, gothic, industrial or fetish-themed outfit – this jewelry comes with tiny versions of all the trappings... More >>

Silver Thorn Earring

Silver Thorn Earring $18.00

This surprisingly versatile spiked, cuff-style earring is cast from English pewter and fastens with a surgical steel post.

The cuff features a brushed-metal finish and oxidized detailing, creating a piece ideal for any gender. Gothic, punk, industrial or nearly any darker aesthetic... More >>

Culebre Dragon Ear Charm

Culebre Dragon Ear Charm $48.00

Who wouldn't want a silver dragon whispering sweet nothings into their ear?

The Culebre Dragon Ear Charm transcends simple jewelry, as it becomes a statement piece in the form of a full ear wrap.

The head of the dragon rests on top of the ear where it meets the... More >>

Bitty Bat Earrings, Pair

Bitty Bat Earrings, Pair $24.00

A perfect fusion of spooky fun and subtle statement jewelry, these adorable stud earrings give you an easy-to-wear accessory without sacrificing an opportunity to show off your darker side!

The pewter bats have detailed wings that spread whimsically across the wearer's earlobes,... More >>

Nachtdrachen Ear Charm

Nachtdrachen Ear Charm $44.00

Who wouldn't want a mysterious black dragon whispering sweet nothings into their ear?

The dramatic Nachtdrachen Ear Charm transcends simple jewelry, as it becomes a statement piece in the form of a full ear wrap.

The head of the dragon rests on top of the ear where... More >>

Bad Asp Ear Charm

Bad Asp Ear Charm $40.00

Complete your evening look with a little reptile friend you can take wherever you go!

This pewter earring adorns the entire left ear with the body of a slender asp. The head of the snake curves gently towards the conch of the ear, around the front to pierce the lobe with a surgical... More >>

Silberdrachen Ear Charm

Silberdrachen Ear Charm $44.00

Who wouldn't want a silver dragon whispering sweet nothings into their ear?

The dramatic Silberdrachen Ear Charm transcends simple jewelry, as it becomes a statement piece in the form of a full ear wrap. The head of the dragon rests on top of the ear where it meets the skull, its... More >>

Adoration Earrings (Pair)

Adoration Earrings (Pair) $49.00

These stylish post earrings balance chic accessorizing with subtle symbolism.

The dual sections are connected with a jump ring, giving the added drama of movement to the already striking pieces. Above the joint on each earring is an aqua-colored faceted gem framed in filigree, below... More >>

Nidhogg Dragon Stud

Nidhogg Dragon Stud  $75.00

Take a fantastic friend with you wherever you go! The ruby-red eyed Nidhogg Dragon secures as a standard stud earring, while appearing to hang from the earlobe by its jaws. It's articulated body is carved with reptilian spikes and embellished with white rhinestones, and ends with a suspended clear... More >>

Trucker Wrist Cuff

Trucker Wrist Cuff $27.00

Your glistening muscles and bulges of all kinds will be amplified by the attractive look of the Oxballs Trucker Wrist cuff.

Made of body-safe silicone so that they're waterproof and free of latex or phthalates, these wrist cuffs might be the only soft thing about your body.
More >>

Chrome Cat Mask

Chrome Cat Mask $80.00

Indulge in a night of feline fantasy when your eyes catch the glint of light that makes it past the shining curves of the Chrome Cat Mask.

With teardrop shaped eyes that sport upturned corners and a softly curving frame that ends in points at the temples, this mask has a seductive... More >>

Chrome Masquerade Mask

Chrome Masquerade Mask $80.00

Keep your identity, or at least your most devious of intentions, hidden along with your face in the stylish Chrome Masquerade Mask.

Shining in the candlelight of a dungeon or the strobe lights of a club, the chrome on this smoothly curved mask catches the light to form a lasting... More >>

Cleopatra Chrome Collar

Cleopatra Chrome Collar $75.00

You're sure to stand out from the masses in the Chrome Cleopatra Collar.

With the gleam of a fine necklace or sturdy armor, smooth chrome-plated brass forms the front of this attractively shaped collar that sits comfortably and lightly on the neck despite its... More >>

Locking Cleopatra Collar w/ Ring

Locking Cleopatra Collar w/ Ring $175.00

This uniquely feminine slave collar can be worn as a symbol of submission, or as an eye-catching accessory to your club gear, fetish outfit, costumes, etc. It is lightweight, has smooth edges, and is lined with soft black suede for comfort.

With a classic shape that is narrow on the... More >>

Chrome Gauntlet

Chrome Gauntlet $120.00 - $125.00

With your forearms armored in these brightly reflective Chrome Gauntlets, you'll have stylish armor as you enter the battlefield of passion.

Formed with brass as a base metal and plated in gleaming chrome, these gauntlets are the perfect accessory to your party... More >>

Butcher Tank Harness

Butcher Tank Harness $140.00

For festive fetish occasions and fun behind closed doors, the Butcher Tank Harness has the perfect combination of coverage and exposure that teases people to the point that they can't wait to sink their teeth in for that first bite.

Extra soft glove weight garment leather makes up... More >>

Shredder Tank Harness

Shredder Tank Harness $150.00

Bring your most twisted fetish dreams to life with the ferociously mauled Shredder Tank Harness!

Comfortable to wear because of the soft glove weight garment leather construction, the front of this harness has been sliced and slashed giving it a terrifying look and providing... More >>

The Gladiator Harness w/ Contrasting Trim

The Gladiator Harness w/ Contrasting Trim $92.00

This one-shoulder men's leather harness features our classic Gladiator design, is accented with strategically colored trim that corresponds to the notorious hanky code that began in the secret, sexy underworld of urban kink scenes in the... More >>

Mercenary Suspenders

Mercenary Suspenders $99.00

Whether out with the rest of the daddies or at home with your favorite cub, when you wear these tough looking leather suspenders respect will be given every time!

With straps made of medium weight garment leather and a rear harness patch of heavy leather, these crisscrossing... More >>

Brigade Harness

Brigade Harness $185.00

Call in the troops!

The broad reinforced shoulders of this heavy leather harness command attention and speak to all things strong and masculine, while the attached collar with metal snap closures make play safe and easy.

Pair it with jeans and heavy soled boots or one... More >>

Apollo Harness

Apollo Harness $90.00

Strap yourself in and take your place among the gods. This stiff leather half harness comes in classic bondage black or subtle tan and recalls the warriors and deities of the ancient world.

This harness cuts across the upper back and under the arms before curving around to cover... More >>

Latex Racerback Muscle Tank

Latex Racerback Muscle Tank $94.00

The Racerback Muscle Tank is designed to highlight your menacing physique. Similar to our regular Rubber Tank, this version is cut wider for that extra allowance Herculean body types require. Have your muscles ooze out while keeping the fit tight and comfortable with this tank, made from 14 gauge... More >>

Rubber Boy Shorts

Rubber Boy Shorts $68.00

Short shorts aren't just for the ladies - these cropped Boy Shorts are just the things for a night when you want all eyes on you. Available in over twenty colors of durable 14 gauge latex, pair them with any of our tops for an outfit everyone is sure to notice wherever you go. More >>

Stockroom/Syren Reusable Shopping Bag

Stockroom/Syren Reusable Shopping Bag $2.00

Now it's easy to be kinky and green with our branded Stockroom/Syren reusable shopping bag.

This handsome and sturdy bag was made especially for our Los Angeles retail boutique for customers looking for a more eco-friendly carrying option than our traditional plastic... More >>

Diablo 3 Piece Schoolgirl Set

Diablo 3 Piece Schoolgirl Set $71.00

The Diablo Schoolgirl 3-piece fetish set commands attention!

Unleash your fiercest fantasies with this tempting push-up corset in bright red faux leather, packaged with a matching skirt and g-string panty.

The sturdy corset, with naughty bust-enhancing sweetheart... More >>

Garrison Cap

Garrison Cap $69.00

The latex Garrison Cap is available in any standard 30 gauge latex color with 14 gauge contrast piping. Based on authentic flight uniform designs of the 1940s, this piece brings both an air of authority and a sexy retro flair to rubber military ensembles. Great for pinup looks too!
More >>

Varsity Socks

Varsity Socks  $85.00

Game on! This sporty variation on the classic knee high latex stocking adds the perfect touch of sweetness and sass to your themed looks. These 14-gauge (.33mm) stockings are available in a range of colors with two contrasting athletic stripes at the top. This design is versatile enough to round... More >>

Cuban Heel Stocking

Cuban Heel Stocking $174.00

The classic pinup thigh high stocking, one of our most popular latex accessories, is now available in a sexy Cuban heel style complete with back seam. Dance the night away or spice up your at-home play in this seductive style.

NOTE: The default color is Black... More >>

Women‘s Knee High Stockings

Women‘s Knee High Stockings $70.00

Simple. Elegant. Sexy. Latex knee high stockings are a wardrobe must-have for every adventurous girl. Choose a contrasting color to make your accessories really pop, or match them to your heels to create the illusion of a fitted knee high boot.

NOTE: The... More >>

New Medical/Electrical

Mystim Adaptor Wire - 2mm Plug Junctions to 4mm Banana Plugs

Mystim Adaptor Wire - 2mm Plug Junctions to 4mm Banana Plugs $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand.

Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure... More >>

Mystim Adaptor Lead Wire - Roundplug to 2.5mm Phone Jack

Mystim Adaptor Lead Wire - Roundplug to 2.5mm Phone Jack $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand.

Fortunately, e-stim pioneer Mystim offers all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure... More >>

Mystim Adaptor Wire - 2mm Plug to 4mm Banana Plug

Mystim Adaptor Wire - 2mm Plug to 4mm Banana Plug $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand. Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit, to... More >>

Mystim Adaptor Wire - Snap Fasteners (Female) to 2mm Plug Junctions

Mystim Adaptor Wire - Snap Fasteners (Female) to 2mm Plug Junctions $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand.

Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure... More >>

Mystim Adaptor Wire - 4mm Banana Plug to 4mm Banana Plug

Mystim Adaptor Wire - 4mm Banana Plug to 4mm Banana Plug $19.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand. Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit, to... More >>

Mystim Adaptor Lead Wire - Roundplug to 4mm Banana Plug Junction

Mystim Adaptor Lead Wire - Roundplug to 4mm Banana Plug Junction $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand. Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit, to... More >>

Mystim Adaptor Lead Wire - Roundplug to 4mm Banana Plug

Mystim Adaptor Lead Wire - Roundplug to 4mm Banana Plug $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand. Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit, to... More >>

Mystim Adapter Wire - 2mm Round Plug (female)

Mystim Adapter Wire - 2mm Round Plug (female)  $13.80

When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand.

Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure... More >>

Double Wartenberg Pinwheel

Double Wartenberg Pinwheel $25.00

Sharpen up your play with this beautifully polished Double Wartenberg Pinwheel!

With its chrome-plated brass handle, this Wartenberg pinwheel fits perfectly in your hand and into any BDSM or medical roleplay situation that you might imagine. 22 spikes each give a tantalizing... More >>

The Ribbed Sil-Plug Penis Plug by Oxballs

The Ribbed Sil-Plug Penis Plug by Oxballs  $34.00

The Ribbed Sil-Plug Penis Plug from Oxballs warms quickly to the body and feels like a second skin, making this urethral insert more inviting to newcomers to sounding and urethral insert play. Urethral sex toys bring the feelings of erotic and sensual stimulation to new levels for the male organ.... More >>

Mystim Sizzling Simon

Mystim Sizzling Simon $169.80

The revolutionary new e-stim vibrators from Mystim are the only self-contained toys that combine electrical stimulation and vibration, with no cables or external devices required for operation!

Mystim’s sleek, black Sizzling Simon contains two vibratory motors, one in the tip and... More >>

Mystim Pubic Enemy Number One

Mystim Pubic Enemy Number One $144.80

If your slave seems to be getting too big for his britches, this transparent chastity harness will prevent any unseemly erections by keeping the problem in full view — and under lock and key. Any further disobedience can be met with a disciplinary tingle or tormenting pulse from the built-in e-stim... More >>

Five Joint Urethral Plug

Five Joint Urethral Plug $50.92

Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a bold new frontier in urethral souding play!

The thrills and chills of urethral stimulation are yours to explore when you get your hands on this sleek penis plug. It is made entirely of stainless steel, adding to the excitement of the sensation as... More >>

Three Joint Urethral Plug

Three Joint Urethral Plug $54.00

For men who enjoy the feeling of a penile sound, or want to experiment with stretching their urethra, this Three-Joint cock plug comes highly recommended.

Essentially a hollow, stainless steel tube, this 13.5cm-long invader has three gradations of width, for training purposes.... More >>

Oxballs Volt W/ Sprocket Cock Ring

Oxballs Volt W/ Sprocket Cock Ring $76.00

This conductive e-stim accessory and soft, yet firm cock ring are a perfect pairing.

The Volt is made by Oxballs from machined aluminum and attaches to the cock ring to give you a variety of sensations. The Volt is available with 4mm sockets and are compatible with standard US banana... More >>

Oxballs Volt Cock Ring Electrifier

Oxballs Volt Cock Ring Electrifier  $56.00

The Volt electro contact point from Oxballs allows you to pinpoint the position of the the electrical current flowing through your body.

Whether you attach it to your favorite cock ring, ball stretcher, or head ring. You can easily maneuver the contact point anywhere on your toy for... More >>

Mystim Plunging Pete

Mystim Plunging Pete $109.80

From the exacting German specialists at Mystim comes Plunging Pete, an advanced black silicone harness with soft adjustable staps that fit securely around the corona of your cock. But its thrilling centerpiece is its 3.5cm, 24k gold-plated urethral sound, flanked by two golden balls which can be... More >>

Mystim Pearly Pete

Mystim Pearly Pete $84.80

Mystim’s Pearly Pete is an ingenious, dick-hugging e-stim device that fits snugly around the corona of the penis and over its tip. With the harness securely placed, it’s time to turn up the pleasure, letting the juice arc across the most sensitive parts of the cock head. Along this route are three... More >>

Safety Scissors

Safety Scissors $12.00

Safety first in business and pleasure...especially in pleasure! A must-have for BDSM, bondage, restraint, and any sort of play that involves a tight fit, these tough little scissors will keep you out of trouble.

The roomy polypropylene grips allow a firm grasp when cutting with the... More >>

5 Wheel Pinwheel

5 Wheel Pinwheel $30.00

This stylish steel pinwheel is the perfect medical fetish accessory or sensation toy. Five pinwheels sit on an axle that allows fluid, independent movement of each wheel, but can be rolled teasingly across the skin in a five-wide row for a unique sensory experience.

Like the... More >>

Agent Noir(TM) Neon Wand Kit

Agent Noir(TM) Neon Wand Kit $400.00

If your fantasies have ever included being a secret agent, sneaking through Checkpoint Charlie by the skin of your teeth, you're going to love our newest elite ElectroErotic device set, the Agent Noir™ Neon Wand Electrosex Kit!

Experience electrifying intrigue and mysterious... More >>

Fire Hose Penis Plug with Butt Plug

Fire Hose Penis Plug with Butt Plug $124.00

Fill 'er up!

This hollow penis plug is attached to three feet of rubber hose to direct the flow wherever you like. Slide it in with some help from your favorite lube, and insert the attached through hole butt plug into your lover's ass for genuine pee play or just brandish it to get your... More >>

Two-Piece PA Silicone Sound Set by Oxballs

Two-Piece PA Silicone Sound Set by Oxballs  $48.00

This exciting set of silicone sounds by Oxballs offer a non-intimidating new twist on stuffing your cock!

Included in the set are two sounds, The smooth sound is recommended for beginners, while the segmented version is for more advanced urethral play. Each sound tapers down, providing... More >>

Butt Bong

Butt Bong $98.00 - $118.00

Be prepared to chug with an innovative twist on enema play! The Butt Bong will redefine your idea of party time.

This product features a design reminiscent of a beer bong from your college days. The Butt Bong starts with an aluminum funnel connected to a 14 inch tube.... More >>

Pin Wire to Low Profile Lead Adapters

Pin Wire to Low Profile Lead Adapters $14.95

This connector allows you to use your PES electrodes with any TENS unit that uses a pin lead, such as the Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set with the security and peace of mind that come from the PES commitment to high quality craftsmanship.
More >>

Zap Electro Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

Zap Electro Ball Stretcher by Oxballs $69.00

Zap is a special stretcher from Oxballs that firmly presses an electro contact pad against your sack while letting you choose where the current travels.

For those into extreme ball-stim play, additional contacts are offered for Zap. The ball stretcher is platinum cure silicone in a... More >>

New Books & Erotica

Skin Two Magazine

Skin Two Magazine $25.00

If you are unfamiliar with this magazine, it is known for its impeccable coverage of the Fetish and S/M scenes all over the world. The name is a reference to fetish clothing as a "second skin". It is filled with beautiful photographs and articles on all things bondage and fetish modeled by the... More >>

Master of O Paperback

Master of O Paperback $17.00

Master of O
By Ernest Greene, 763 pages
Daedalus Publishing

Enter the decadent dungeons frequented by the powerful players of Los Angeles in this sexy virtual page turner!

Steven Diamond is a high-powered LA attorney by day, but by night he uses... More >>

Transformation Magazine #90

Transformation Magazine #90 $12.50

98 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 • 2nd Annual Sexy Swim Issue!

 • Interview with Venus Lux

 • Tranny Awards and TA After Party

 • Photographer Profile: Atomic... More >>

Instigator Issue 25

Instigator Issue 25 $12.95

Issue 25 celebrates the 10th Anniversary of this award-winning, cutting-edge KINK publication!

Jam packed with fresh, extremely HOT content (as well as a stylistic 'inside look' at some of the most notorious photo shoots of the past decade!) Instigator is a MUST for those who like... More >>

Master of O eBook

Master of O eBook $9.99

Master of O
By Ernest Greene, 917 pages
Daedalus Publishing
Buy the paperback edition!

Enter the decadent dungeons frequented by the powerful players of Los Angeles in this sexy virtual page... More >>

Transformation Magazine #89

Transformation Magazine #89 $12.50

98 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 • The Incredible Life of Jeri Lee

 • RuPaul's Drag Race 6

 • Megan Ortiz photo spread

 • Club Shine 2014 New Year's Eve Masquerade... More >>

The Toybag Guide To Chastity Play

The Toybag Guide To Chastity Play $9.95

The Toybag Guide to Chastity Play
Softcover, 106pp
By Mistress Simone

From the back cover:
What's so sexy about not having sex? Everything, says Mistress Simone - when chastity is enforced by a hot dominant and backed by the right attitude... More >>

Marquis Magazine Issue 60

Marquis Magazine Issue 60 $19.95

Bianca Beauchamp

Winnie Oo
Miss Mischief

Fetish Fashion:

Also features up and coming fetish models, scene news, party reviews and... More >>

The History and Arts of the Dominatrix

The History and Arts of the Dominatrix $74.95

By Anne O Nomis

Hardcover, 288 Pages with over 86 full color illustrations

Each purchase of this book includes a bookplate personally autographed by the author!

This volume beautifully reveals the ancient roots of the Dominatrix with a rich, detailed,... More >>

Domination Directory International #78

Domination Directory International #78 $19.99

The newest issue of DDI offers its usual up-to-date listings for Dominas and dungeons around the world. This issue includes current news, a special 30th anniversary editorial review of the BDSM scene through the years, and biographical... More >>

Naughty Knots: Light Bondage and Bedroom Tricks

Naughty Knots: Light Bondage and Bedroom Tricks $10.00

224 pages
By Potter Style

From the back of this book:

Learn the ropes of erotic bondage with this discreet knot-tying guide. Discover how to restrain your partner simply and safely, and how to fashion a suggestive corset, a crop for spanking, and... More >>

Marquis Magazine Issue 59

Marquis Magazine Issue 59 $19.95

Nina de Lianin

Fetish Fashion
Anatomic Latex
House of Harlot

Fetish Art
Rubber Matt
Brian Gibbs

Also features party reviews, up and coming fetish models, a hot fetish story, and much... More >>

Marquis Magazine Issue 58

Marquis Magazine Issue 58 $19.95

Sister Sinister

Lara Aimée
Nicole Banshee
Helene Atsuko

Fetish Fashion
Bibian Blue
Am Statik
Boudoir Bizarre

Fetish Art
Serge Birault
Barbara... More >>

Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck $35.00

Hardcover, 128 pages

Karen Hsiao’s first book, "Rubber Duck," uses a simple object, the rubber duck, and a single location, the bathtub, to examine and expose various stages of the human life cycle. From birth to death, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, the human... More >>

Black Cherries

Black Cherries $30.00

99 Pages, Softcover

In Karen Hsiao’s second book, "Black Cherries," she uses similar minimalism as she did in her first book, "Karen Hsiao: Rubber Duck."

All of the Black Cherry girls are enclosed in a singular graphic black or red circle. The black and red circle... More >>

Transformation Magazine Issue #88

Transformation Magazine Issue #88 $12.50

Over 100 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 • Feature interview with Tyra Scott

 • Shemale Strokers Model of the Year

 • Viva Las Tranny Strip

 • Behind the scenes of Grooby... More >>

Heavy Rubber 33

Heavy Rubber 33 $24.95

In this issue of Heavy Rubber:

Cover girl Luna Eve wears Am Statik

Rubber beauties Honeyhair and Mary Jale photo spreads

Rubber photography by Blackhunter, Jacco Breedveld, and Luke Lenz

Fetish art, stories, and more!

132 glossy,... More >>

Von Gutenberg Issue 8

Von Gutenberg Issue 8 $9.95

The 8th installment of Von Gutenberg Magazine keeps you abreast of all the latest in latex fetish fashion and lifestyle.

Full of the top names in latex fashion, models, and photographers, the latest issue of this rubber fetishist's wet dream is a can't miss!
More >>

The Juliette Society (Sasha Grey)

The Juliette Society (Sasha Grey) $15.00

Paperback, 320 pages

From the Publisher:

Before we go any further, let's get this out of the way. I want you to do three things for me.

One. Do not be offended by anything you read beyond this point.

Two. Leave your inhibitions at the... More >>

New Sex Enhancers

Apollo Automatic Power Pump

Apollo Automatic Power Pump $93.00

For a pumping experience that sucks in all the good ways but none of the bad, go ahead and let the Apollo Automatic Power Pump give you a pleasant inflated feeling without having to work for it.

Made with non-toxic hygienic materials like ABS plastic on the controller and TPR (thermo... More >>

Precision Pump Lube

Precision Pump Lube $22.00

Penis pumpers of the world, rejoice! Your days of being bothered by your dick coming out of the pump before you've had your satisfaction are over thanks to the awesome sealing power of this Precision Pump Lube!

Imagine never again having to deal with the disappointment of pumping... More >>

Wicked Toy Love

Wicked Toy Love $14.00

This extremely thick but still slippery water based lube is designed specifically to facilitate toy play. Safe for both latex and silicone toys, you'll never need to wonder which lube to use with your dildo or vibrator again!

Product Details:

 •... More >>

Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant

Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant $13.00

This super slick water based lubricant is specially designed for anal play to increase sensation while minimizing painful friction. Long lasting and latex friendly, this anal lube is easy to clean up.

Product Details:

 • 120ml/4 fl oz
More >>

Wicked Creme

Wicked Creme $14.00

This oil based creme is designed to help moisturize and condition during solo play activities, but can also be used with a partner, but is not latex compatible. It is also not intended for internal use, but can be an effective lubricant for male masturbation or sensation play.
More >>

Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube

Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube $27.00

Silicone lubricants stay slick and slippery for longer than many water based lubes. Wicked Ultra silicone lube is a fragrance and additive free option for long lasting lubrication.

Product Details:

 • 4oz/120mL

 • Fragrance... More >>

Wicked OverTime Delay Creme

Wicked OverTime Delay Creme $16.00

A benzocaine-containing desensitizing cream, this item from Wicked isn't a typical lube or moisturizer, but a topical anesthetic designed to delay male orgasm. If you've got a hair-trigger, consider using this creme to stay hard longer without overstimulating yourself.

Product... More >>

Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant

Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant $18.99

Developed and formulated especially for the health conscious woman, this glycerine, paraben, and perfume free lubricant will help protect delicate and sensitive skin.

Apply to any area of the body where extra moisture is desired. Gentle and safe enough for daily use.
More >>

Pjur Med Natural Glide Lubricant

Pjur Med Natural Glide Lubricant $16.99

At last, a personal lubricant that enhances your body's natural response and chemistry without overpowering them!

Pjur med Natural Glide is an all-natural water-based lubricant that utilizes pure plant glycerin as the active ingredient. Its barely-there formula is... More >>

New DVDs

All My Best...Aria

All My Best...Aria $29.95

In the new Star/Director series from Studio A, Andrew Blake showcases the captivating beauty of Aria Giovanni. Never has Aria looked more enticing as she interacts seductively throughout this collection with her co-stars Adriana Sage, Justine Joli, Emily Marilyn, Erica Campbell, Anita Blond, Kyla... More >>

My Little Play Thing

My Little Play Thing  $29.00

Ultra-Hot Caroline teaches Zafira how to submit, and Zafira knows how to return the favor by pleasing the beautiful Domme. Mistress Daria gets a visit from one of her playmates Tera, and a loving and erotic session ensues that incorporates bondage, girl on girl action and a strap-on scene that... More >>

It‘s Electric

It‘s Electric $20.00

This director's cut DVD contains a scene that is golden.

EUROPEAN RELEASE - Watch the Boss and Louise D. rock slave Mathew's world with this strict journey into suspension bondage and electricity! The tale begins with our naughty boy strapped up in the air for some serious electro... More >>

Balls of Destruction

Balls of Destruction $20.00

Ms Boss invites Thora Nang to her private studio Top Secret in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where they are going to be spending some time relieving stress upon personal slave foot sucker. He is positioned on the cross awaiting their ministrations. They inspect his man meat. First he will be flogged,... More >>

Excruciating Experiences in CBT!

Excruciating Experiences in CBT! $20.00

The hourglass shifts, as the slave is made aware of the duration of his experience! Suspended in a leather sling, Irene proceeds to attach an erection zapper to slave Dave's not so private area. She is able to fit only one of the tanned testicles into the ring, but this does not prevent The Boss... More >>

Rubber Dream/Leather Girls

Rubber Dream/Leather Girls  $20.00

Film 1 - "Rubber Dream" Introducing Mistress Anastasia and submissive nadine in their first appearance! Mistress Anastasia and The Boss decide to give this 21 year old girl a heavy orientation into the world of bondage, rubber, spanking, suspension, high heeled punishment shoes, and electricity.... More >>

Sold into Slavery

Sold into Slavery  $29.00

Snatched off the streets and out of their beds, these helpless girls’ nightmares have just begun… These lost girls are thrust into a world where they perform unspeakable acts of sexual depravity – or they face hard punishment. Desperate and alone, they attempt to please rather than face more... More >>

Innocents Taken 3

Innocents Taken 3  $29.00

Can you believe that these young girls have been led into complete depravity? The way they respond to their treatment, and the wetness of their pussies and lips seem to betray their opposition, and show how turned on they are! These young nubiles get taught early on about harsh sexual servitude,... More >>

Flaming Asses

Flaming Asses  $29.00

A young schoolgirl coed gets spanked in detention…two naughty latex sluts get tied and whipped simultaneously…a workout girl is “trained” using a whip and hand spanking to try harder…a devotee of a sex cult gets initiated by two ass-attacking monks. These girls receive the discipline and correction... More >>

Raw Devotion, The Darker Side of Rey

Raw Devotion, The Darker Side of Rey $29.00

Raw Devotion,…this is the DARKER side of Grey! These are the most deviant of girls,…devoted in servitude to their Men and Masters. The harsh gritty treatment they endure only intensifies the passionate fire within them! These submissive sluts yearn only to please their Masters and to obey and... More >>

Bad Habits

Bad Habits $24.00

Two story lines, two full-length scenes, with two amazing fetish submissives(Kendra James and Eva Marx)!

The first scene features redhead Kendra James who is dealing with a serious addiction for cigarettes. Her boyfriend is not appreciative of her bad habit and sent her for some... More >>


Malpractice $24.00

It's a Medical Fetish Feature. Starring: Penthouse pet Angela Sommers, fetish super star Anastasia Pierce and fetish starlet Idelsy Love, all in the sexiest vinyl and rubber uniforms.

These naughty nurses use hands-on techniques. They will administer Forced-Orgasm therapy and... More >>


Vamps $24.00

Vamps is a movie based on two beautiful vampires who explore their sexual sides The first scene with Angela Sommers is the epidemy of sensual girl on girl domination. A give and take scene with two powerful women who have an insatiable craving for each other FLESH!

It's slow, sexy,... More >>


Exhibitionists $34.95

Escape to the French countryside surrounding Paris with Andrew Blake's EXHIBITIONISTS, featuring Anita Blond, one of Blake's favorite performers; voluptuous, international centerfold model Kyla Cole; leggy, statuesque Sierra; and introducing erotic new discovery and covergirl Justine.
More >>


HardEdge $34.95

Bold, uninhibited, raw erotic tension, HardEdge, where fantasy and reality collide.

Starring: Kelle Marie, Adriana Sage, Nika, Justine, Nicola, Julian, Julia Taylor, and Faith Adams

Original Music Score by Raoul Valve

Directed, Photographed & Edited by... More >>


Adriana $34.95

Enter the seductive life of Andrew Blake's exotic new sensation ADRIANA SAGE, as she takes you on a journey into her stunning world of fetish beauty and bondage, dominance and submission. Adriana's sensual pleasures are your visual delights.

DVD DOUBLE FEATURE Dahlia's Leg Teasers... More >>

Sensual Exposure

Sensual Exposure $24.95

A journey to the core of desire. Come to a place where sex is an art form. Director Andrew Blake presents a story of one young womans's initiation to pleasures of the flesh, so intense they will change her forever. Experience the incredible beauty and eroticism that have become the trademark of... More >>


Decadence $34.95

Starring Anita Blond and Chelsea Blue, with newest talent Zdenka and Sophie Evans. Filmed in Venice, Italy. Special DVD Release includes PRIVATE PROPERTY a 30 minute featurette starring Celeste & Draghixa

DVD features 5.1 Digital Surround Sound, Scene Index, Photo Galleries, No... More >>

House Pets

House Pets $34.95

House Pets, a collection of 18 short films, cinematically interpreting the dominate relationship between director and his consensually objectified models.

Starring: Sasha Grey, Faith Leon, Elena Rivera, Claire Adams, Courtney Page and Tristan Kinglsey

And featuring... More >>

High Strung Women

High Strung Women $29.95

Exploring the complex world of Japanese Erotic Rope Bondage, "Kinbaku", Andrew Blake creates high style fetish scenarios which utilize these visually intricate "tools" of restraint. Starring sixteen renowned beauties of adult film, this collection entitled "High Strung Women," offers a glimpse into... More >>

All My Best...Justine

All My Best...Justine $29.95

Andrew Blake’s, “All My Best...” Justine, features the strikingly beautiful redhead, Justine Joli in 18 arousing scenes personally assembled by the director. Young, fresh and nubile, Justine’s blossoming sensuality is captured by Andrew Blake’s masterful lens. Her ivory-toned complexion and supple... More >>

Pin-Ups 2

Pin-Ups 2 $34.95

Indulge yourself in the decadent fantasies of international fetish supermodels Dita and Anita Blond in Andrew Blake's PIN-UPS 2. Combining contemporary and retro-fashion,fantasy and eroticism, creating a sophisticated sexuality - a tribute to the exquisite beauty of the female form, in the unique... More >>