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 Slappers & Straps

Slappers & Straps




  Featured Canes

30-inch Rattan Cane

30-inch Rattan Cane $35.99

Sometimes a Dom needs a symbol of authority, and what better way to represent power than an item that can be used to point, prod, or give pain?

With this light cane, made of flexible rattan, whipping a sub into shape is a breeze - a breeze that makes a whoosh as it speeds... More >>

Fiberglass Canes

Fiberglass Canes $20.00 - $22.00

Each of these fiberglass canes is thin and strong, and provides a harsh sting. It won't splinter and is easily cleanable. The business end is made of smooth, white fiberglass. The handle is ribbed for a great grip and covered in rubber, with a small nylon lace for hanging. They are 27" long,... More >>

  Featured Crops

Extreme Heart Crop

Extreme Heart Crop  $69.00

For a heartfelt smack, the Extreme Red Heart Crop will deliver your message loud and clear! Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the red anodized heart tip will treat deserving derrieres with a love tap from as slight to as severe as you want. A stainless steel rod connects the heart to its equally... More >>

Extreme Crop

Extreme Crop $55.00

Get ready for some extreme slapping with great ease. This striking metal implement is made of solid aluminum with a stainless steel stem. The handle is ribbed for a solid grip and the hefty lollipop-shaped slapper is anything but sweet.

You’ll be sure to keep your partner on... More >>

  Featured Floggers

Scarlet Scourge

Scarlet Scourge $125.00

The uniquely simple yet stylish design of the Scarlet Scourge by Dragontailz is made even more striking with its contrasting sumptuous red leather falls, which create an erotic, visually dramatic effect with each swing.

The black leather handle is finished in their spiral style, a... More >>

Brown Leather Flogger w/Ninja Handle

Brown Leather Flogger w/Ninja Handle $125.00

For a simple yet superior flogger with subtle style and an attractive price, the Brown Leather Flogger with Ninja Handle from Dragontailz will easily become one of your favorites for years to come.

The unique “ninja” handle features black leather with open cut-outs with a twist to... More >>

  Featured Paddles

Love Hurts Heart Paddle

Love Hurts Heart Paddle $79.99

“Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks….” We believe those immortal words from Nazareth’s 70’s classic have never rang truer than now, with the new Love Hurts Heart Paddle.

Leave a lasting impression of your love with this sexy, red anodized aluminum paddle with an open... More >>

Tantus Plunge Paddle

Tantus Plunge Paddle $55.00

We were extremely happy with the quality and performance of the first four Tantus paddles, and now comes their latest addition - a silicone paddle with a handle that also doubles as a dildo! Rather than fumbling with numerous toys and implements, the Plunge offers two ways to play in one toy. Vary... More >>

  Featured Slappers & Straps

Rattan Rug Beater

Rattan Rug Beater $45.00

Sometimes unruly subs need to be spanked with something specially designed to expunge every last speck of disobedience out of them - the Rattan Rug Beater is designed to do exactly that. Modeled after a traditional teardrop-shaped carpet beater used to literally beat dirt and dust out from rugs,... More >>

Black Braid Handle Double Slapper Quirt

Black Braid Handle Double Slapper Quirt $88.00

Looking for a quirt that’s not too mean, but definitely not too nice? The Black Braid Handle Double Slapper Quirt has a menacing look with a moderate punch, making it ideal for threats with more bark than bite. This unique, double lashed quirt features a beautiful, 12 plait hand-braided handle with... More >>

  Featured Whips

4ft Black Dragon Tail Whip

4ft Black Dragon Tail Whip $140.00

The devilish tip of a dragontail delivers a fiery sting with each strike, and this 4ft Black Dragon Tail Whip in sumptuous Italian upholstery leather delivers like no other. Made by Dragontailz, its unique design allows it to float through the air longer and land more accurately than most other... More >>

Mini Twin Lash Braided Quirt

Mini Twin Lash Braided Quirt $88.00

When one lash isn’t enough, this short twin lashed quirt will snap insubordinate subs quickly back into shape. Emerging from a Turk's head knot at the handle are 2 round, hand-braided lashes, each finished with their own knots that result in 4 vicious, single lace lashes at the tips of both. An... More >>