Y Electrode (D422)

Y Electrode

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The Y Electrode is an accessory attachment for the Violet Wand. The gentle Y shape allows a current to spark from the two tips. The glowing orange pulsating through the Y Electrode is incredibly eye catching. Try using this attachment on the small of your partner's back as you slowly move upwards on either side of the spine. Whether it's set low or high the lower back is very sensitive and the Y Electrode is a perfect tool to arouse and stimulate.


  • Length is 5.5in(14cm)

  • Length of the Y is 4 in(10.2cm)

  • Glows Orange

  • Made of Glass

  • Weight .0.46 lbs(0.75oz)

Safety, Care and Usage

The Y Electrode should be stored carefully to avoid breaking. Before and after use clean the Y with warm water and soap or disinfectant. As with all forms of play be sure to be fully informed on how to use the Violet Wand properly.

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