Y Adapter for PSG (A519)

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Y Adapter for PSG

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This adapter wire will enable you to split one side of your electrical circuit into two, so you can use more than two points of contact on a single channel. The main purpose for the Y-adapter is to permit you to use the dual-electrode attachments (plugs, cock rings, etc.) as single electrodes in completing a circuit.

In theory, you could also use the Y-adapter to connect two separate electrodes as one side of a completed channel. In practice, the current will tend to flow at the point of contact which is closest to the opposite electrode, so electrodes have to be positioned precisely if you want current to flow through more than two points of contact on a single channel. If none of this makes any sense to you, don't worry about it; that isn't the intended use of the Y-adapter anyway.

Folsom Electric Company offers a lifetime warranty on all their power boxes and accessories.

For a larger range of motion, you may pull the two wires apart. Creating what is known as a "Mega Y" adaptor.

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