V-Globe Kegel Balls (E363)

V-Globe Kegel Balls
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V-Globe Kegel exercise balls are the newest addition to our pleasure pantheon of ben wa and duotone balls. Discover what millions of women around the world already have - that the easy, effortless exercise provided by these 100% medical grade silicone toys is a pleasure to perform, while the potential payoff in increased tightness and vaginal flexibility will have you singing their praises!

The balls can be removed and switched to vary the weight of the toy. Simply insert the balls into your vagina (a little lube can help ease it in) and go about your day. The weights rolling inside the balls will cause your vaginal walls to naturally clench and hold the ball in place. When you're ready to remove it, just tug tightly on the attached string.

Product Details:

  • This kit contains 3 weighted balls: one double-ball string, and one single ball string.

  • Comes in black/grey

  • Ball length: 2in (5cm)

  • String length: 3in (7.6cm)

  • Single ball total length: 5in (12.7cm)

  • Double ball total length: 7in (17.7cm)

Safety, Care, and Use:

Clean after each use with antibacterial soap and air dry.

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