Urethane Bubble Butt Plug (D355)


Urethane Bubble Butt Plug
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The Urethane Bubble Butt Plug is a perfect anal toy to take beginner’s play to a new level, or for the advanced user who craves a dependable sex toy. Featuring a slim, tapered head that flares at the base, this slick butt plug is exactly what you want from an anal toy and more. The bubble beneath the teardrop head adds a pleasant ripple to the classic teardrop shape. These visually stunning Urethane anal plugs have a distinctly artistic look to them. Swirls of color give them a marbled look and the Urethane makes them more durable than any of your plastic sex toys. This plug comes with a discreet velveteen travel pouch for your convenience.

Product Details:

  • Overall Length: 5in (12.7cm)

  • Diameter (at widest point): 1.5in (3.8cm)

  • Circumference (at widest point): 4.71in (11.96cm)

  • Base Diameter: 2.5in (6.4cm)

  • Soft and padded storage bag included
  • A .06oz/2ml packet of WET Lube included

Safety and Usage

Free of phthalates. Use warm water and soap before and after each use to keep it clean.

Made in the USA

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