Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit (E114)

Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit

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This multi purpose nipple play item offers a lower cost alternative to many higher-end suction devices.

The Universal Nipple Enlarger comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, allowing for a perfect fit for most people, and a full range of sensations. A larger ring will provide a light sensation and keep your nipples comfortably erect. Use a smaller size for more sensation and/or "bite," as well as a greater enlarging effect.

Can be worn under clothes and for extended periods of time.

  1. Slide the chosen ring onto the tip of the pump.
  2. Squeeze the bulb and attach to the nipple, wait for the desired attainment of swelling.
  3. Slide the ring onto the nipple and remove the pump.

The bulb is only available in pink.

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