Truckers, True Gay Erotica (C555)


Truckers, True Gay Erotica
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For some gay men, life on the road conjures up images of blue-collar joes traveling from town to town in their big eighteen-wheelers, pulling into all-night diners, gas stations, cheap motels, and highway rest stops for food, rest, companionship --and sex.

In Truckers, editor Johnny Hansen has assembled a red-hot collection of true stories of men who deliver much more than what's back in the trailer. A four-way pileup in a highway men's room gives new meaning to the word "convoy." A nieteen-year-old experiences first love - and lust- on a cross-country tour with a strapping Mack driver. And a "semi-married" man makes life in his big rig a little less lonesome. In this one-of-a-kind collection, "good buddies" from across the U.S. reveal their hottest experiences on - and on the side of - the road. 224 Pgs.

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