Triple Pleasure (SL100)

Triple Pleasure

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This two ring leather cock harness has a little something extra – A steel nub, perfectly situated to stimulate the clitoris when worn during sex!

This simple cock and ball toy gives extra pleasure to both partners, and looks great when worn around the base of the shaft and behind the scrotum, secured with simple steel snaps.

Product Details:

Shaft Ring

 • Minimum Diameter 1.5in/3.8cm

 • Maximum Diameter 1.8in/4.6cm

 • Minimum Circumference 4.7in/11.9cm

 • Maximum Circumference 5.7in/14.5cm

Cock Ring

 • Minimum Diameter 1.6in/4.1cm

 • Maximum Diameter 2.5in/6.4cm

 • Minimum Circumference 5in/12.7cm

 • Maximum Circumference 7.9in/20.1cm

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