Tricks to Please a Woman (Jay Wiseman) (B360)

Tricks to Please a Woman (Jay Wiseman)

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Bestselling sex author and educator, Jay Wiseman, created his Tricks series of books on "how to make good sex better" nearly a decade ago. They've been perennial best-sellers in erotic boutiques and adult stores worldwide ever since. Now, the best of Jay's Tricks for pleasing a woman have been compiled into this handy volume, along with plenty of new information based on recent research of the female anatomy as well as recent improvements in sex toys and accessories.

150 pages, softcover.

"Packed full of really good ideas for turning up the fun and heat in your relationship." - Paul Joannides, author of Guide to Getting It On

"Find someone you love and curl up in front of the fire with these time-tested techniques." - Playboy

By Jay Wiseman