Total Enclosure Hoods w/Perforated Leather (J318)

Total Enclosure Hoods w/Perforated Leather

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This hood is a Stockroom original design.

It is made of perforated leather, so the visual effect for the wearer is more like being in a cage than in total darkness. There are no mouth or nose holes; the wearer can breathe comfortably through the small perforated holes.

A special feature of this hood design is the buckling collar strap with D-ring and locking buckle. The collar adds to the secure look and feel of the hood, and also provides points of attachment in front and in back for attaching a leash, locks, chains, rope, or for whatever other bondage purposes you can imagine. With the addition of a small lock, the hood can be locked on to the wearer so that a key is needed to take it off even if the person's hands are free.

The buckle will work fine without a lock as well, but having the option of locking it in place will give the hood an added erotic dimension for many users.

This hood laces in back with a strong leather lace strung through nine pairs of silver colored cinch rings. The hood comes in two sizes. Overall, we believe you will find this hood to be of superior quality and value.

*Sizing: Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows.

• 21" to 24" Head.
• 12" to 15.5" Collar.

• 24" to 28" Head.
• 15" to 18.5" Collar.

Made In the USA

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