Top Drawer Vibes

Emma by SVAKOM

Emma by SVAKOM $99.99

Are you ready to warm things up? Emma is a wand-style waterproof vibrator that includes a warming function that can almost match human body temperature. While Emma's vibrations may cause chills, its touch never will. This vibe is a delight in the bathtub and a comfort on a cold winter night. Its... More >>

Siime Eye by SVAKOM

Siime Eye by SVAKOM $249.99

If you want to capture and relive your most intimate moments of pleasure, the SIIME Eye is for you. This wand-style vibrator features a wireless internal camera capable of broadcasting (and saving) pictures and video to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The camera is surrounded by four LEDs for... More >>

Echo by SVAKOM

Echo by SVAKOM $89.99

Small, delicate, and nestling perfectly into the palm of your hand, Echo is a tongue-shaped vibrator whose soft curves glide easily over your skin. Its whisper-soft motor makes it perfect for business trips and weekend getaways, and its petite size, simple design, and subtle color won’t draw stares... More >>

Fun Factory Sharevibe

Fun Factory Sharevibe $129.00

Most of us were taught that it's always more fun when we share our toys. The Sharevibe takes that saying to heart – and other, more intimate body parts. The bulb on one end slips into one partner's vagina, where she can easily hold it in place with her pelvic muscles. She can then slip the shaft... More >>

Minna Limon Vibrator

Minna Limon Vibrator $158.00

Ever squeeze your partner when they’re making all of the right moves to say you want more? Imagine using that simple, instinctive squeeze to control the intensity of your vibrator, and then being able to that same pleasurable vibration pattern to use again and again for tried and true future fun?... More >>

Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer

Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer $158.00

Curious about kegels? Wonder if they’re working? The revolutionary Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser takes the thought out of them so you can get started with no excuses! Pair the kGoal with your smartphone (IOS or Android) via an optional free app to guide you through a real-time training... More >>

Teddy Love

Teddy Love $99.95 | SALE: $64.97

Ready to meet your new best friend? This tantalizing teddy bear is more than just a comforting cuddle buddy; its soft plastic nose, muzzle, and protruding tongue conceal a powerful motor that turns this plush pal into a beast in bed!

Teddy Love bridges the gap between classic... More >>

Entice Vivien

Entice Vivien  $99.00

Turn up the heat - literally! The Entice Vivien silicone rabbit vibrator gives more than vibrations, its shaft also heats up to a warm 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). While silicone naturally warms to your body temperature, this extra few degrees makes it even more intense.

Its shaft... More >>

Love Rider Wireless Pleaser

Love Rider Wireless Pleaser  $65.00

The Love Rider Wireless Pleaser was named this for a reason - with dual motors to simultaneously stimulate your g-spot and clitoris, this rabbit-shaped vibrator was designed to please.

With ample thickness to fill you and a shorter length to hit right where you want it, the Love... More >>

Love Rider Wireless G

Love Rider Wireless G  $59.95

The Rechargeable Love Rider Wireless G speaks for itself - whether you use it by itself or with a strap on harness, this smooth silicone g-spot vibrator will hit the magic mark, massaging with your choice of 7 different vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions for complete ecstasy. With a... More >>

Love Rider Wireless Curve

Love Rider Wireless Curve $59.95

The Love Rider Wireless Curve vibrator is the perfect size and shape for satisfying penetration and gratifying g-spot stimulation. Its powerful motor features 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, transferring the pleasing sensations along the length of the shaft through to... More >>

Mystim Electric Eric

Mystim Electric Eric $169.50

From the latest line of revolutionary e-stim vibrators from Mystim is Electric Eric, delivering strong vibrations and electrical pulses - simultaneously and with no other equipment required!

As a vibrator with a comfortable 1.5 inch diameter and over 5 inches of insertable length,... More >>

Mika Vibrator

Mika Vibrator  $99.00

Let your g-spot groove to your favorite tunes or let your lover’s voice lull you to ecstasy with the amazing Mika vibrator by Nobu Toys. Featuring an exclusive “sound response system,” this innovative vibe will increase vibrations with the presence of sound. Simply increase the volume for more... More >>

Yuza Vibrator

Yuza Vibrator $99.00

Melt away your worries with the Yuzu by Nobu Toys. Perfectly curved for g-spot stimulation and comfortable ergonomic handling, its shaft is made of soft, body-safe silicone, wrapped in smooth ridges for extra sensations. More than just smart design, this unassuming yet innovative toy features a... More >>

Saki Vibrator

Saki Vibrator  $99.00

Feeling hot? Let the Saki vibrator make you hotter. This must-have rabbit-style vibe has 10 speeds and 3 motors: 2 in its shaft and 1 in its clit stem, strategically placed to hit all of your pleasure zones. But what makes it really special is its exclusive temperature sensor system - the Sake... More >>

We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus $180.00

The We-Vibe 4 couples vibe fits inside her body, creating multiple stimulation points for both partners.

This hands-free vibe alternates between clitoral and G-spot stimulation and is completely controlled by a wireless remote with settings to adjust intensity, mode, and intervals.... More >>

Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager

Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager $139.00

Make some magic tonight with the Doxy wand massager!

The Doxy was designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the growing demand for a more powerful, higher quality wand-style vibrator. This vibe is capable of reaching a top speed of 9000 rpm, and the unique aluminum weight and... More >>

Key Vela by Jopen

Key Vela by Jopen $90.00

One of Jopen’s most powerful personal massagers, the Key Vela body wand offers orgasm-inducing vibration in a beautiful design at once fun and sophisticated.

The insertable portion is molded from the highest quality of silicone, with a delicate satin finish and gentle ripples... More >>

Envy Five by Jopen

Envy Five by Jopen $129.00

Powerful, quiet and waterproof, the Envy Five from Jopen is sure to be your go-to toy. Its graceful design and intuitive interface make this powerful vibrator a pleasure to use!

Specifically designed for g-spot massage, the gentle curves of this vibrator are enhanced by multi-speed,... More >>

Key Virgo by Jopen

Key Virgo by Jopen $80.00

One of Jopen’s most powerful personal massagers, the Key Virgo body wand offers orgasm-inducing vibration in a beautiful design at once fun and sophisticated.

The insertable portion is molded from the highest quality silicone, with a delicate satin finish and tantalizing ripples... More >>

Lelo HULA Beads

Lelo HULA Beads $169.00

A vibrating, rotating, remote-controlled Kegel exerciser? This toy does almost everything! Public perverts and private lovers alike will thrill to Lelo’s HULA, the Kegel balls with a twist.

HULA’s two sensuously curved beads look similar, but while one vibrates, the other rotates.... More >>

Vanity Vr2

Vanity Vr2 $137.00

Powerful, quiet and waterproof, the Vanity Vr2 from Jopen is sure to be a go-to toy. Its graceful design and intuitive interface make this powerful vibrator a pleasure to use!

Specifically designed for a woman’s anatomy, the gentle curves of this vibrator are enhanced by multi-speed,... More >>

Serenity Vibrating Wand

Serenity Vibrating Wand $110.00

Welcome to the future of high-end erotic stimulation!

The Serenity vibrator from NS Novelties is fully flexible and poseable, enabling it to perform tasks that lesser massagers simply cannot. This incredibly versatile tool is formed of pthalate-free, body-safe, medical grade silicone,... More >>

Envy Three

Envy Three  $129.00

This baby does everything!

Powered by PowerBullet technology, The Envy Three by Jopen offers 7 modes of vibration that are easy to explore thanks to the intuitive controls and easily distinguishable buttons. Even in the dark, you'll be able to get from point A to point B with just... More >>

Envy Seven Vibrator

Envy Seven Vibrator $143.00

This is a pleasure device-extraordinaire! The Envy Seven from Jopen is all the artificial intelligence your libido needs.

A state of the art multi-speed motor drives the soft, body-safe silicone shaft, while an independent second motor moves the bunny-eared clit stimulator for up to... More >>

Mystim Sizzling Simon

Mystim Sizzling Simon $169.80

The revolutionary new e-stim vibrators from Mystim are the only self-contained toys that combine electrical stimulation and vibration, with no cables or external devices required for operation!

Mystim’s sleek, black Sizzling Simon contains two vibratory motors, one in the tip and... More >>

Infinit Massager

Infinit Massager $199.00

The Infinit Massager is as flexible as its potential for stimulating your g-spot, clitoris, perenium, or anywhere else its soft silicone fingers can reach!

This three-armed personal massager can find just the right spot (or spots) for the climax you’ve always wanted. Its three soft... More >>

Lust L6 Vibrator

Lust L6 Vibrator $89.00 | SALE: $57.85

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights: the Lust by Jopen is a flower that blooms inside you!

This tulip-shaped vibrator has two long quivering silicone petals which bloom around its intense ten-speed stamen when it’s turned on. These petals open up to contour to your shape,... More >>

Lust L5 Vibrator

Lust L5 Vibrator $89.99

Say hello to your little lily lover!

The L5 is a more petite version of the Lust from Jopen. This quivering vibrator has tongue-like petals that extend from its firm central core, tickling and licking your insides in ten adjustable speeds and patterns. You’re sure to find the... More >>

Je Joue G-Kii

Je Joue G-Kii $119.00

Go for the G-Gold with the G-Kii More G Spot from Je Joue! This pliable, quivering little gymnast of a vibrator will bend itself into 2 pleasure enhancing positions, as your routine requires.

The G-Kii can match your unique curves, for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. With... More >>

Muse Massager

Muse Massager $73.00

Sometimes a silly-looking toy hides a serious purpose. The bestselling Muse Massager from NS Novelties combines an elegant and playful design with targeted erotic release, in a tasteful, self-contained device that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s an adorable yet intensely effective clitoral... More >>

Yuki Iroha Vibe

Yuki Iroha Vibe $99.00

The master Japanese male sex toy manufacturers are at it again, but this time they've turned their expertise to their first foray into high quality toys for women. Meet the Tenga Iroha line.

Designed for gentle exploration and insertion, the Yuki has two rounded sections to allow for a... More >>

Midori Iroha Vibe

Midori Iroha Vibe $99.00

Tenga is widely known for their high-quality state-of-the-art and innovative sexual devices and their premiere female toy line Tenga Iroha is no exception!

Crafted to deliver pleasure exactly where you want it, the small tapered nub of the Midori is gentle to touch, but sends a strong,... More >>

Sakura Iroha Vibe

Sakura Iroha Vibe $99.00

The Japanese pleasure innovators Tenga have long been known for their excellence in quality and creativity and their debut female toy line, Tenga Iroha, is a perfect fit.

The slight indent at the tip of the Sakura makes this tantalizing toy perfect for those who want a cradling,... More >>


G-Vibe $99.00

The legendary G-spot is elusive no more when you add the G-vibe to your solo or partnered play! The G-vibe is the very latest in the Funtoys brand line of ergonomic anatomical vibrators and features six distinctive settings combining various speeds, intensity, and intervals to always keep you... More >>

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

Fun Factory Stronic Eins $199.99

If you're tired of the same old vibrator, Fun Factory has unleashed its newest style of toy, dubbed a "Pulsator."

The Stronic Eins is another innovative leap in vibrator technology from the folks at Fun Factory. Instead of the traditional buzzing vibration associated with classic... More >>

Fun Factory Flash

Fun Factory Flash  $89.99

Fun Factory's Flash is a mini vibrator which delivers quite a punch. The svelte flower like design makes for easy insertion. Extra care was taken as the Flash has a wonderful clitoris massager built in for added pleasure. The multi speed vibrator has easy controls and is suede smooth for extreme... More >>

Fun Factory G4 Calla Vibrator

Fun Factory G4 Calla Vibrator $129.99

This vibrator is as stylish and elegant as a lily blossom. Its unique, unmistakable shape will catch the eye of those who want something truly striking.

This toy enchants with beauty and functionality. The tapered point unerringly finds your hot spot, while the flower whorl brings... More >>

Fun Factory G4 Tiger Vibrator

Fun Factory G4 Tiger Vibrator $129.99

The Tiger is an alluring tomcat no woman can refuse. Its prominent ridging and bent tip give intense massages and quickly find every G-spot.

The turbo booster gives our G4s additional power, allowing the Tiger to purr in top form. Connoisseurs will love this big guy's... More >>

Fun Factory Duke

Fun Factory Duke $99.99

German design firm Fun Factory® is renowned for their ergonomic sex toys in high-quality materials, and “The Duke” – a rechargeable, cordless anal vibrator that stimulates both the prostate and perineum – is no exception. The unique shape combines an upper bulge that hits your P-spot with a curved... More >>

Minna Ola

Minna Ola  $158.00

It's difficult for us to think of a sex toy that we've been more excited about recently than the Minna Ola. We consistently strive to bring you the best in sexual technology, and often that means refining tried and true methods of pleasure, but it is exceedingly rare to find something new and truly... More >>

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibe

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibe  $145.00

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is a waterproof vibrator with a revolutionary design. Made from flexible slate colored silicone, it is small with a wide base and two flexible ears that each vibrate with their own motor. When ears are placed along each side of the clitoris, both the labia and clitoris are... More >>

Jimmyjane Form 3

Jimmyjane Form 3 $145.00

The latest addition to the Jimmyjane Form line of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators is another revolution in design and function. The flexible, responsive touchpad offers customized control over the location of vibration, while the intuitive speed and cycle controls allow you to dictate the... More >>

Jimmyjane Form 6 Vibe

Jimmyjane Form 6 Vibe  $185.00

The Jimmyjane Form 6 is a waterproof, rechargeable silicone vibrating massager with sleek curves and two insertable ends, each with its own motor. The smaller end delivers a more intense and shallow vibration and is curved perfectly for g-spot and prostate stimulation. The larger end offers a... More >>

Jimmyjane Little Something Vibrators

Jimmyjane Little Something Vibrators $325.00 - $395.00

The Little Something Collection from Jimmyjane is sure to be wherever the elite meet to indulge in discreet treats. This line is beautifully crafted, sleek, and simply designed, containing a powerful motor, allowing for silent but strong vibration. These versatile vibrators are waterproof and... More >>

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibe

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibe  $125.00

The Jimmyjane Little Chroma is a sleek and handsome vibrator made of smooth, anodized aluminum. Its quiet motor delivers a nice, deep vibration that is most intense at the tip. Completely waterproof, this toy is very versatile: use it in the bath, pop it in the freezer or warm in a bowl of hot... More >>

OhMiBod Freestyle

OhMiBod Freestyle $130.00

The OhMiBod Freestyle is a unique and exciting way to allow music to really get inside you! The ultimate wireless musical vibrator The OhMiBod attaches to your Ipod™ or home audio system to sync the vibrations of your personal music selections. The OhMiBod is silky smooth to the touch and comes ... More >>

VibeRite(R) Personal Massager

VibeRite(R) Personal Massager $49.50

The latest offering from Kinklab® is the VibeRite® Personal Massager, a 7 speed, cordless massage wand with a soft silicone head, and a pliable neck, for a more personal personal massage. The rechargeable battery will keep going and going for hours of pleasure, all without the... More >>

Lelo Lily

Lelo Lily $129.00

The Lelo LILY Pleasure Object

LILY is a delicate and discreet pleasure object with a silky-smooth surface and a deceptively powerful purr.

This vibrator has a... More >>

Lelo Mona G-Spot Vibrator

Lelo Mona G-Spot Vibrator $169.00

The Lelo Mona G-Spot Vibrator is as beautifully designed as her name. Gently curved and sensuous to the touch, the satin smooth silicone finish has six stimulation modes for ultimate pleasure. The intuitive controls makes shifting between modes and speeds simple. The Lelo glows red when in need of... More >>

Lelo INA

Lelo INA $159.00

The Lelo INA is a stunning dual action vibrator. It's silicone skin is suede-like and extremely pleasurable and gentle. But don't be fooled, this beauty has two motors that really rev up to bring you an incredible multi stimulation sensation. Eight variations in speed and pulsations will keep you... More >>

Lelo GIGI 2

Lelo GIGI 2 $139.00

The New Lelo GIGI 2 vibrator is a dedicated pleasure object for the discerning G-spot connoisseur.

Carefully sculpted to unlock the secrets of this mysterious and special place, her dramatic shape breathes an air of investigative purpose.

Five pre-programmed pleasure modes... More >>


Lelo IRIS $159.00

The IRIS is a multitalented pleasure object, graceful in appearance, yet powerful and skillful in pleasuring performance. A pair of individually balanced nearly silent, vibrator engines, operating in harmony, provides the basis for deep and sensual rubdowns. The intuitive interface dial,... More >>


Batteries $5.00

For any and all of your needs to keep your vibrator humming and your butt plug buzzing.

• AA - 4 pack
• AAA - 4 pack
More >>

OhMiBod iPod Vibrator

OhMiBod iPod Vibrator $59.00

A sleek, sexy toy, the OhMiBod iPod Vibrator is an exciting combination of modern musical and sexual technology. In today’s hi-tech, fast paced world it only makes sense to fuse together two of the most popular forms of technological recreation, listening to music on your iPod and masturbating... More >>

Fun Factory elLove

Fun Factory elLove $0.00 - $80.00

The elLove Smartvibes Booster vibrator is beautifully crafted for visual and sensory pleasure. Its curved head stimulates the G spot brilliantly. Made of medical grade silicone, the flexible shaft is silky smooth to the touch. The Booster, with its chic design, delivers quite powerfully with easy... More >>

We-Vibe 3

We-Vibe 3 $139.99

We've loved every version of the We-Vibe so far, and the We-Vibe 3 is no exception - It's amazing and unique!

Designed primarily for use by couples during sex, The third generation We Vibe couples vibrator has some important improvements over its predecessors. Sure, you have the same... More >>

We-Vibe II Couples Massager

We-Vibe II Couples Massager $99.99

The Stockroom is proud to announce the arrival of the We-Vibe II, a new and improved follow-up to the best-selling WeVibe. This revolutionary product is the first-ever G-spot toy that can be used simultaneously while making love. The innovative and unique design allows for both external and... More >>

Fun Factory Delight

Fun Factory Delight $109.99

Fun Factory has done it again with another beautifully designed product made to suit the curves of your body. The ergonomically curved handle fits perfectly in your hand and guides the Delight directly to your most erogenous areas. With 32 speed options you will for sure find a setting just for... More >>

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box $42.00

The Devine Toy Box is an attractive and fashionable place to store your toys, lotions, and lubes in a place that is safe, secure, and discreet. This toy box is styled of faux leather, lace, and satin. The box is 9” long, 4” wide, and 4” tall. The size makes it very convenient for transporting... More >>


PULSE II DUO $139.00

Let this award-winning sex toy from Hot Octopuss take your play to new levels of pleasure!

Before we get into it, what exactly is PULSE, aka “The Guybrator”? PULSE is a multi-award winning stimulator for men that features oscillating sensations never before seen in a men’s toy,... More >>

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