Tooling Sounds (E093)

Tooling Sounds
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The Tooling Sounds kit is a set of fourteen different urethral sounding tools that are each 7 inches long. The urethra dilating instruments in this tool kit are constructed from high quality, medical grade, stainless steel, and are great for urethral insertion and electrical stimulation, but using the Tooling Sounds is not recommended unless under the guidance of a trained expert.

There are 14 urethral sounds total that make up this set, and they range in 13 graduating sizes of instrument, each with a broad flat rounded end that makes a great connector for electrical play and stimulation. These ends make handling very simple and each flat end has a hole in the center. The other end, the insertable part, has a general overall half S-curve shape. These stainless steel sounds are 7 inches in length, with 13 different sizes, and single ended. The 14th instrument is the same diameter as the smallest, but straight instead of curved, and with a hoop shaped ring on the end.

This is a quality tool kit of sexy but serious medical toys. An attractive black zipper case with red velvet lining is included for simple storage and transportation. For our serious players only, these erotic devices are the ideal tool-set for males and their partners who enjoy hard-core cock torture and stimulation, medical or electrical play, stretching, sounding, and urethral play.

Using the Tooling Sounds set on an actual penis is not recommended unless under the guidance of an expert with the proper training. Each of these tooling sounds is constructed from medical grade, stainless steel that will not stain or tarnish because the metal does not oxidize. It incorporates no other alloys and is non-allergenic.

Product Details:

14 instruments total:

  • Total Weight of complete set: 7 lbs and 8 oz

  • Total Length of each sound: 7in (17.8cm)

  • Diameter of additional/straight tool: 0.038in (0.1cm)

  • Circumference of additional/straight tool: 0.12in (0.3cm)

  • Diameter of smallest sound: 0.038in (0.1cm)

  • Circumference of smallest sound: 0.12in (0.3cm)

  • Diameter of largest sound: 0.5in (1.3cm)

  • Circumference of largest sound: 1.6in (4.1cm)

Additional materials included:

  • Black zipper carrying case with red velvet lining

Safety, Care, and Usage

These sounds are very easy to clean using just antibacterial soap and warm water. Wash these instruments individually and let air dry after cleaning.

These instruments must be cleaned before and after every use. We highly recommend using surgical lube with this product. Actual use of the Tooling Sounds is only recommended under the careful guidance of a trained expert.

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