The Wild Search (D636)

The Wild Search

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The Wild Search is from indie auteur Shine Louise Houston, whose earlier releases The Crash Pad and Superfreak garnered her accolades from feminist porn fans and queers of various persuasions. Like her previous movies, The Wild Search is a tour-de-force of lesbian sex, featuring ots of hot butches and femmes from the San Francisco area. This is the pure product. There are no gay-for-pay bottle blondes with scary fake fingernails engaged in perfunctory open-mouthed tongue kissing here — except in a brief, hilarious scene that parodies such moments in mainstream porn movies.

The basic premise is clever and used to very funny effect. A documentary film crew follows around another documentary film crew as they attempt to film the mating habits of San Francisco lesbians. So The Wild Search is a (fake) documentary about a (fake) documentary about (real) lesbians. (Follow all that?) Imagine one of those National Geographic programs, with cameras watching lions from the distance, only instead of lions, they're watching lesbians. The fundamental joke is that the people having sex don't notice the camera crew in their apartment or in the bar, and there's a really funny bit of business with a "decoy lesbian," a mannequin dressed up and sent out to attract the natives. All that's cute and innovative, but what about the sex? This is a film made by and for lesbians, but given the tastes of most heterosexual men, they're likely to enjoy this, too, and it might even dispel some silly misconceptions about how women have sex. (Short answer: they have sex in all sorts of awesome ways.) The sex scenes are often really intense, especially a long three-way with two women wearing strap-ons. The most important thing: this is real fucking, messy, gasping, sweaty, improvisational, impetuous, spirited, and beautiful. It's a very funny mockumentary, but there's nothing mock about the sex. Don't miss it.

Winner of Best Trans Sex Scene at the 2007 Feminist Porn Awards!

(Note: This movie was previously entitled In Search of the Wild Kingdom.)

(2007, 65 min.)

Cast: Beau Flex, Trouble Royale, Rozen DeBowe, Dylan Ryon, Wil Thrustwell, Papi Coxxx.

The Wild Search
Shine Louise Houston
Pink and White/Blowfish Video

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