‘The Viper‘ Whip by Sex & Metal (E922)


‘The Viper‘ Whip by Sex & Metal
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Lashes soft and strong will sting all the more when delivered by Sex and Metal's Viper whip.

This sleek tool of domination is crafted from powder coated brushed raw steel for a cold and unforgiving touch. Its slender steel shaft has spikes that emerge beneath the tail, and a handle that has stunning beauty with an orb resting atop a tapering fang-like point. As for the business end of this whip, a menacing strip of soft silicone cut into a sharply pointed angle provides the power to tickle, torment, or bite into your prey as desired.

Product Details:

 • Handle length: 13.5in/34.3cm

 • Tail length: 12in/30.5cm

 • Total length: 25.5in/64.8cm

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