The Star Fuck Machine (C524)


The Star Fuck Machine
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The Star Fuck Machine is a remote controlled fucking machine with eight amazing different speeds. The remote control is wireless, making the Star Fuck unique among sex machines. We call it a UFO (Unbelievable Fucking Object).

You can control the speed and function of the Star Fuck from up to twenty feet away using the tiny hand held, pocket size remote control.

It is the perfect machine for both anal and vaginal sex. Eight speeds make this sex machine a powerful toy indeed.

Here are the 8 speeds broken down to strokes per second:

Speed One: 1.4 strokes per second
Speed Two: 2.4 strokes per second
Speed Three: 3.6 strokes per second
Speed Four: 4.4 strokes per second
Speed Five: 5.3 strokes per second
Speed Six: 6.0 strokes per second
Speed Seven: 7.1 strokes per second
Speed Eight: 8.2 strokes per second

The distance of the average fixed stroke length is 2 1/3" every stroke, moving from 3 2/3" to 6".

You can use the first setting for a casual and relaxed time, or crank it up to eight and let this stylishly designed and fun toy bang away.

The handle is 7” tall (total height from base), 3” wide at the grip, and 2 3/4” wide at the base. The unit comes complete with two different sized dildos. The realistic nude rubber cocks dildos are 6&fac12; and 7” long, both with a circumference of 5”. The sphere that functions as the body of this item is about 6” tall.

To experience something fun, new, wild, unique, and extremely satisfying, try the Star Fuck Machine. You’ll have a UFT (Unbelievable Fucking Time).

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