The New Girl (E356)

The New Girl

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Starring: Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce

Jewell Marceau has a new employee in the office. Sexy Anastasia Pierce is the new girl Jewell gets to boss around and force to do all of the dreaded paper work and filing. Anastasia proves to be over enthusiastic about her new position in the office, obviously proving herself to be quite nosey and overly confident. Jewell knows exactly how to sort out Anastasia’s horny distraction from office work and redirects her back to her lower rank at the office. Tricking Anastasia into her secret dungeon, Jewell uses bondage, S&M, seduction, and naughty strap-on play to satisfy Anastasia’s curiosities about Jewell’s mysterious shoe collection and her hidden dungeon.

Includes: BDSM, femdom, lingerie, stockings, shoe fetish, strap-ons

Running time: 61min

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