Submission #3 (AS00113)

Submission #3

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Synopsis:The slender and sophisticated Mistress Darenzia will be using her power of seduction to make the obedient captive submit and take the many punishments coming her way. Some of the torments she will have to endure include: Trampling on the most sensitive areas of the submissive body, breast and pussy pumping, tight wooden clamps,bare hand choking, foot paddling,heavy rubber straight jacket and sensory deprivation. This will keep her constantly on her toes. But during the training, submissive Anastasia will also get rewarded with sexual favors like body worship to the mistress, a forced orgasm and a generous dildo fucking from her Mistress.

Cast List:Anastasia Pierce, Darenzia

Director:Anastasia Pierce

Running Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

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