Stockroom University: Open To More - Creating and Sustaining Modern Relationships (SULA002)


Stockroom University: Open To More - Creating and Sustaining Modern Relationships
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Saturday, April 25, 2015 2:00–5:00PM

Open To More: Creating and Sustaining Modern Relationships
Led by Ryan Witherspoon, Marty Lotspeich, Stephanie Witherspoon, and Ann Conners

Interested in opening up your relationship? Trying to navigate polyamory? Join Ryan, Marty, Stephanie, and Ann for an exploration of non-monogamy This fun and highly interactive workshop will introduce you to a skills-based, self-oriented approach to creating and sustaining happier, healthier, and more resilient modern relationships.

Open To More is devoted to helping people create and sustain modern non-monogamous relationships of all types. Team members Ryan Witherspoon, Marty Lotspeich, Stephanie Witherspoon, and Ann Conners incorporate psychological science, practical tools, community wisdom, and their combined decades of experience into skills-based, compassionate approaches to fostering happier and more resilient relationships.

About the Facilitators:

Ryan Witherspoon is a speaker, writer, educator and clinical psychology Ph.D. student at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University in Los Angeles. He holds a Masters degree in psychology from Pepperdine University and is currently training to become a clinical psychologist, with the long-term goals of opening a private practice, teaching, writing books, speaking, and conducting research.

Ann Conners is a bodyworker, a devoted, loyal partner, a damn decent cook, and deeply appreciative of unusual things and unusual people. A fascination with the beauty of bodies and vulnerability lead her into art, art history and massage therapy. Her adulthood spent enjoying many various forms of consensual non-monogamy evolved into a primary partnership with herself, allowing for profoundly easy partnerships with others. She holds a bachelors degree from Chapman University and heartily believes in the almighty powers of food, music, and laughter.

Stephanie Witherspoon has been polyamorous since she was 18. Over the course of her 12 years of exploration, she has experienced many different relationship styles, including monogamish, open relationship, swinging, 24/7 M/s, hierarchical polyamory, triads, quads, and more. She loves sharing her experiences with others and helping people discover healthy ways to explore. She is a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher, and brings yoga philosophy and mindfulness into her relationship approach.

Marty Lotspeich is fascinated by people. He has spent decades learning what makes us tick. His relentless curiosity has lead him down a dual path of scientific and esoteric inquiry, studying everything from evolutionary biology to NLP to tarot. He is a master bodyworker with 15 years of experience as a healer, helping people find comfort in their body and momentum in their life. His greatest pleasure is facilitating people’s personal evolution beyond where they imagined possible. He has been polyamorous for a decade, and spent 7 years active in the San Francisco queer community.

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