Stockroom Univerity: Poly Talk and Wry Relationships (SULA32815)

Stockroom Univerity: Poly Talk and Wry Relationships

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Saturday, March 28, 2015 2:00PM-5:00PM

Poly Talk and Wry Relationships
About this event:

This discussion group provides an open forum for exploration of non-monogamy and the myriad of modern day relationships. Participation in the conversation is highly encouraged in this Q&A format. Our panelists discuss your interests, questions, and issues. Beyond polyamory, non-monogamy is inclusive of open relationships, casual sex, non-exclusive dating, threesomes, moresomes, swingers, and various non-sexual arrangements, such as BDSM play-partners, make out buddies, and anything outside the realms of tradition hetero-normative marriage.

About the Hosts:

Having gained experience in multiple forms of non-monogamous relationship over the past 13 years, Wry advocates awareness and dialogue regarding the options and alternatives to the hetero-normative marriage-minded, and traditional way of life. Over the past 3 years, Wry has hosted quarterly discussion groups and lectures, including the International Polyamory Conference at Berkeley, radio appearances and live interviews with experienced guests, experts, and researchers. As an active participant and Dom in the Los Angeles fetish community, Wry is an exhibitionist and performer, appearing on dozens of stages throughout Los Angeles.

Kate Loree, LMFT, ATR, MBA is a sex positive licensed marriage and family therapist with a specialty in kink, poly, swing/lifestyle, and sex worker communities. She has been featured on Buzzfeed and Playboy Radio.

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