Stockroom University

Sharpen your pencils - School is back in session for 2014! We're putting the "Adult" back in "Adult Education," and as an added incentive, we've dropped our tuition to just $10 for each class!

Open enrollment is now in effect, and just like college, all the best classes fill up fast, so don't get left out in the halls, reserve your space today!

Stockroom University: Bondage Photography

Stockroom University: Bondage Photography $10.00

Saturday, April 19th, 2014 5:00–8:00PM
Bondage Photography 101
Led by Victor Lightworship

This class is designed to demonstrate and document Victor’s techniques, including a lecture and practical live demonstration. Note-taking is encouraged, but due to time... More >>

Stockroom University: Joining The Service

Stockroom University: Joining The Service $10.00

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 3:00-5:00PM
Joining The Service: Learning Service and Loving It
Instructed by Flogging Jonny

Service is such a dynamic and diverse subject. It has the power to strengthen bonds, deepen a D/s or M/s relationship, create focus, and... More >>

Stockroom University: Every Dog Has Its Day

Stockroom University: Every Dog Has Its Day $10.00

Saturday, May 17th, 2014 3:00–6:00
Every Dog Has Its Day - An Introduction to Pups and Pup Play
Instructed by Slave Pug

What is a pup and why would anyone identify as one? What draws people to pup play? How does a human shift into full pup mode? What... More >>