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Tickler Pocket Toyfriends

Tickler Pocket Toyfriends $19.95

Tough day? Melt the tension away with the Pocket Toyfriends collection of mini-vibes in four fun colors. Toyfriends provide the perfect quick pick-me-up between meetings and appointments-- they go wherever you do!

Each Toyfriend is about the size of a lipstick and functions as both a... More >>

Fun Factory Teneo Uno Smartballs

Fun Factory Teneo Uno Smartballs $24.99

Fun Factory has redesigned the kegel exerciser with the Smartballs Teneo Uno. This 100% medical grade silicone ball is supple to the touch with an attractive raised pattern for heightened sensitivity.

The Smartball helps to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles, increasing... More >>

The G-2 Pocket Rocket Vibe

The G-2 Pocket Rocket Vibe $24.00

This special little vibrator, also known as a "pocket rocket," is imported from Japan.

It is powerful, 4" long, white, cylindrically shaped, and has 3 dome-shaped nodules at the top. Not designed for insertion, it is more... More >>

Wartenberg Pinwheel

Wartenberg Pinwheel $9.50

This wheel of prickly little pins can be rolled over a person's skin, generating a unique, tingly sensation which many people really respond to. The pins are pointy enough to feel quite stimulating wherever they go but are... More >>

Rainbow Cock Rings

Rainbow Cock Rings $11.00

These lightweight and sturdy cockrings come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can properly coordinate to your measurements and aesthetic preferences. Get one in your favorite color, or collect them all and turn your boys into a rainbow coalition!

Product Details:
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Aluminum Cock Ring

Aluminum Cock Ring $11.00

This style of Cock Ring is a significant improvement over the standard steel O-ring. Since it is made of aluminum, it is very lightweight and perfectly smooth, as no connector seam is necessary.

Sizing hint: Measure the circumference of (the distance around) the erect penis at the... More >>

Aluminum Head Ring

Aluminum Head Ring $7.50

This head ring is a smaller, attractively shiny Aluminum ring to be worn on the head of the penis.

Aluminum Head Rings are a significant improvement over the standard steel O-ring. Since they are made of aluminum, they are very lightweight and perfectly smooth, as no connector seam... More >>

Nipple Clamp with Bell, Pair

Nipple Clamp with Bell, Pair $13.50

This standard tweezer-style nipple clamp is given a new twist with the addition of a small bell. The tweezer clamp has vinyl-coated ends and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold it on, all the way up to a really severe pinch.

The bell is made of... More >>

Toy Two

Toy Two  $38.95

The G-Spot Finger Extender Toy Two from Wet For Her is an exciting new sex toy that is specially designed for stimulating the female G-Spot. This toy was designed by women to specifically address and satisfy the sexual needs and desires of women by taking the act of “finger banging” to a new level... More >>

Sex and Metal Pendant Necklace

Sex and Metal Pendant Necklace $48.00

This simple and striking choke-chain pendant speaks volumes with vibrant iconography. The chrome-plated steel choke-chain demonstrates your commitment to discipline for a master willing to grab the reigns, while the brushed and powder coated steel corkscrew pendant challenges how far down the... More >>

Mini Nipple Suckers

Mini Nipple Suckers $7.50

Add a surprisingly satisfying nip of suction to your tit teasing with these Mini Nipple Suckers. These tiny PVC suction cups give you an ideal way to sensitize and tease your nipples or to introduce your partner to the erotic charge of nipple play. Simply squeeze each attractive 1" cup and place... More >>

Mini Portable Nipple Pump

Mini Portable Nipple Pump $9.90

Take Nipple Play to the next level with the Mini Portable Nipple Pump with Multispeed Vibration. With a soft rubber vacuum housing, this device will fit over most nipple sizes allowing for a firm suction and create extra sensitivity to the nipple. A multi-speed vibrator is attached with... More >>

Large Heart Padlock

Large Heart Padlock $7.00

This sweetheart padlock is high polished nickel plated. The width is almost 1¼". It comes with one key.

Pretty and functional.... More >>

Steel Eagle Cock Ring

Steel Eagle Cock Ring $29.00

Sometimes a little sophisticated simplicity is all you need to make your cock look and feel like a superstar.

Smooth and seamless, this cock ring is attractive, classy and will hug your manhood firmly in all the right ways.

Molded from top quality, heavy, medical grade... More >>

Neoprene Ball Stretcher

Neoprene Ball Stretcher $12.50 - $13.50

This Neoprene Ball Stretcher has a snug and sturdy fit. It is made of high-quality neoprene that is firm but soft to the touch. It has smooth rounded the edges. The snap closures on the side allow for two different levels of... More >>

Satin Blindfold

Satin Blindfold $9.00

There are so many intricate blindfolds on the market that look great but never seem to work properly. This one is extremely simple, made of silky satin with a light and comfortable padded lining and two elastic strips to help it stay on. One size fits... More >>

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug $46.00

This urethral plug may not be as extreme as some of the larger sounds we carry, but it is still a formidable insert for those looking for a bondage toy designed to prevent urination or ejaculation.

The steel ring on the thin end prevents over insertion, while the hump in the... More >>

Head Ring with Sperm Stopper

Head Ring with Sperm Stopper  $54.00

Genital bondage can be greatly enhanced with our Sperm Stopper Glans Ring. This beautiful item has a small hinged hook (with an 8mm steel ball at the tip) that can be attached to one of two rings that come with it. There is a 25mm diameter glans ring and a 31mm diameter ring that are... More >>

Metal Anklet w/ Slave Bells

Metal Anklet w/ Slave Bells $12.00

With a row of tiny, silver slave bells attached to a silver chain by little O-rings, this elegant and sexy anklet is worn low on the ankle, adding a dazzling highlight to any foot. It has a small hook and O-ring clasp, and is adjustable up to 9".... More >>

Dancer's Waist Chain

Dancer‘s Waist Chain  $24.00 - $28.00

Adorn your sexy self with this silver, belly-dancer's waist chain! Made of overlapping scallops of chain with tiny, closed slave bells attached to the waist by little O-rings, it is a beautiful accessory to wear either at home with your lover or out at your favorite club or event. It... More >>

Brass Master Lock

Brass Master Lock $8.00 - $11.00

These Master Locks are highly-trusted, top-quality, name-brand brass padlocks. They come with two keys each. When you order more than one of the same size, they will all be keyed alike, even if they are ordered at different times.

Available in two sizes:

... More >>

Silicone Stud Lasso

Silicone Stud Lasso $8.50

Want to find the right size ring without any troublesome trial and error? This fully adjustable cock ring is always the perfect fit. The snug adjuster ensures this lasso stays right where you like it, worn either behind the balls where the lasso provides additional sensation to the back of the... More >>

Gummy Cock Rings

Gummy Cock Rings $3.75

Colorful and candy-like (though certainly not edible), this cock ring is a definite delight, providing added stimulation with its multiple soft knobs.

When unstretched, it fits snugly around a pinky finger. When stretched, it can expand to a surprising diameter.... More >>

Chrome Mini-Clothespin

Chrome Mini-Clothespin $4.50

This eye-catching, miniature, chrome-plated replica of a real clothespin has a strong bite. It can be used for play (on nipples or wherever your imagination takes you) or as an accessory (worn on a jacket, collar, vest, etc.).

Overall length is 1¼"

Sold... More >>

Foreplay Ice Glacial Stimulator

Foreplay Ice Glacial Stimulator $16.50

A sensual push-pop of chilling ecstasy, this ingeniously simple ice teaser is a snap to use. Simply fill with water and place in the freezer, then use the plunger to slowly extend the cylinder of ice as you trace it along warm flesh for a titillating foreplay massage.
Smooth round nubs on... More >>

Spring Loaded Mouth Gag

Spring Loaded Mouth Gag $34.00

Want to play a game? This deliciously depraved spring-loaded mouth gag is every bit as insidious as it looks.

Simply squeeze the metal tabs on the gag until you can fit the plastic cups between your partner’s canines (their pointy teeth) and let this contraption do the rest: They... More >>

Black Leather Pasties

Black Leather Pasties $20.00

Let the exotic dancer in you come out when you sport these tempting leather pasties. The leather exterior is stitched over an inner textured lining, and pastie glue is used to keep them in place.

A bottle of glue (¼ ounce) is included. Each pastie measures 2"... More >>

Snake Bite Kit

Snake Bite Kit $8.00

This standard piece of camping gear is prized among sexually adventurous for the strong (but generally not painful) sensations produced when its two powerful suction cups are used on the nipples. They can also be used on... More >>

The Jawbreaker Gag (PVC)

The Jawbreaker Gag (PVC) $12.95

This new and improved version of our Patent Pending Jawbreaker Gag™ is simpler and more colorful than its leather predecessor. Rather than a metal bit and leather straps, this gag consists of the PVC strap threaded through a plastic tube directly through the candy.

This makes... More >>

Feather Rose

Feather Rose $7.20

These roses have no thorns!

From the softer side of the Stockroom, each of these ticklers looks like a beautiful long stem rose. The leaves and buds are made of feathers and give a wonderful erotic tickling sensation, making this the perfect rose for a lover who... More >>

Micro Finger Tingler

Micro Finger Tingler $24.00

Give yourself that magic touch... at least on one finger! The Micro Finger Tingler is a very small device designed to clip onto a finger turning it into a mini-vibrator. It produces a quiet, high-frequency vibration that is perfect for clitoral stimulation.

The unit runs on 2... More >>

Professional Thumbcuffs, Double-Lock

Professional Thumbcuffs, Double-Lock $14.00

These nickel-plated thumbcuffs use the same locking mechanism (and key) as our double-lock handcuffs. A small black vinyl thumbcuff pouch with belt-loop and two keys are included.

These thumbcuffs really work!

Please note: this item... More >>

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending $46.00

2011 AVN Award winner for Best Fetish Product!

Patent Pending

Put your submissive in their place – and KEEP THEM THERE!

That’s the idea behind the Ballz Gag™, the new and original ball gag brought to you exclusively by The Stockroom, where we aim... More >>

SurgiLube 3 gram Packets

SurgiLube 3 gram Packets $0.99 - $34.99

This lubricant is a favorite for hospitals, and is perfect for electrical play, urethral play and medical scenes. It is used to facilitate the easy insertion of catheters, surgical instruments, gynocological... More >>

Dirty Works

Dirty Works $24.00

Six stunning all-girl fetish scenes for your enjoyment!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Paris Kennedy, Emily Addison, Lux Kassidy, Madison Scott, and Jayne Langford

Featuring: Striptease, role play, blindfold, mummification, dildo and strap-on play, anal beads, and smoking!More >>

Fetish Instinct

Fetish Instinct $24.00

Five hot all-girl BDSM fetish scenes sure to make you break a sweat!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X, Karrlie Dawn, Erin Sinclaire, and Madison Young

Featuring: clothespins, strap-on sex, rough play, spanking, tickling, and hardcore bondage!

Length: 90... More >>


Rapture $24.00

Six all-girl latex and fetish scenes sure to make your screen sizzle!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Darenzia, Jewell Marceau, Jean Bardot, Mistress Nicolette, Paris Kennedy, and Rubberdoll

Featuring: threesomes, fucking machines, breath play, vacuum bed, pussy spreaders,... More >>

Born to be Bad

Born to be Bad $24.00

Five all-girl BDSM scenes of misbehaving girls being disciplined and punished!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Charlie Laine, Zoe Britton, Celeste Star, Sonya Sage, and Bridgette B

Featuring: bondage, domination, hardcore and more!

Length: 80 minutes
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Latex Dolls

Latex Dolls $24.00


The hottest latex models share their most intimate moments. 5 scenes of intense satisfaction including all-girl double penetration, breast bondage, latex fetish, oral sex, and much more!

... More >>

Anastasia Pierce in Mechanical Sex

Anastasia Pierce in Mechanical Sex $24.00


Six insatiable women armed with power tools and fucking machines with one obsession: get each other off!


  • Anastasia Pierce
  • Christina Carter
  • Emily Addison
  •... More >>

Women's Stockroom Think Kink T-Shirt

Women‘s Stockroom Think Kink T-Shirt $16.00

Show everyone exactly what's on your mind with our latest t-shirt design. These kitten-soft, 100% cotton shirts express your preferences and wrap you in snugness all at once. Who could ask for anything more?

Product Details:

 • Material 100% cottonMore >>

Men's Stockroom Think Kink T-Shirt

Men‘s Stockroom Think Kink T-Shirt $16.00

Tell everyone what's on your mind with our most recent t-shirt design. These 100% cotton shirts share your desires and keeps you cozy and comfortable all at once. Who could ask for anything more?

Medium size (01015M) is currently unavailable. Please check back soon. We apologize... More >>