Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set (F034-Z)

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set

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Ladies, prepare to tighten up and experience a whole new world of stronger orgasms after working out with the Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set!

Made entirely of silky soft body safe silicone, this product is safe and comfortable. More importantly, with regular use it is designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

Great for romantic play or discrete use throughout the day, each of the balls has a different weighted floating metal ball inside that gives your muscles plenty to struggle against while building up muscle for your long-term satisfaction. Each ball pops out and can be changed out for different weights when you need a harder workout. Before and after placing this in your vagina with the flexible retrieval string hanging out for easy removal, be sure to clean the set for years-long enjoyment!

Product Details

 • Made with silicone, so enjoy with water-based lubricant

 • Clean with toy cleaner or soap and water

 • Large ball diameter: 1.75in/4.5cm

 • Medium ball diameter: 1.5in/3.75cm

 • Small ball diameter: 1.25in/3.25cm

 • Overall length: 9in/22.75cm

 • 20g, 30g, and 45g weights in balls

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Clean with antibacterial soap and warm water. Air dry completely before storage. Use only water based lubricants with this item.

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