Steel Band Ankle Shackles (E984-Z)

Steel Band Ankle Shackles

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For those times when your subs have behaved so badly that you don't want them wandering out of your sight, stick these shackles on their ankles and they'll be all yours until you say otherwise!

Made up of stainless steel bands for a clean yet imposing look, these ankle restraints are lined with rubber on the insides and edges so that there's just enough comfort for the wearer. Also, the elliptical shape provides a better fit for the ankles than a simple circle would do. But make no mistake: the short, removable chain connecting these bindings will have you resting easy without any thoughts of premature escape. Included padlocks and keys secure each shackle shut in one of two selectable circumferences. All in all, your prisoner will love to hate these beautifully limiting torture tools!

Product Details:

 •Circumference: 9.5-10in/24-25.5cm

 •Chain length: 7.5in/19cm

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