Snake Shape Penis Head Cap (C787)

Snake Shape Penis Head Cap

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The Snake Shape Penis Head Cap is an exquisitely designed piece of men’s fetish jewelry. This innovative cock-ring has the head of a snake that rests snugly on the tip of the cock while the body of the snake wraps firmly around the head of the cock.

The Snake Shape Penis Head Cap is handcrafted from bronze, and the snake eyes are crystal onyx. This item weighs 2½ ounces.

The Snake is 2” high. The inside diameter is 1¼”.

This snake shaped fetish accessory is sexy, masculine and decorative. It is not adjustable, but it fits most men. The penis is flexible even when erect and the Snake will fit most cocks comfortably. This penis jewelry is fun to wear out under the clothes as well as in the privacy of the home.

Our genital jewelry is not returnable; you can be confident it hasn't been tried on by anyone else.

The Snake Shape is made in France.

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