Sex and Metal Whip "The Tyrant" (E056)

Sex and Metal Whip "The Tyrant"

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An ornate and original spin on the dragontail whip, this offering from Sex and Metal is a gothic orgy of intricate design.

The short handle starts menacingly, with a weighted spur attached to the steel ball. Traveling up the thin shaft are tight coils of braided steel roping to its faux flower petal guard which culminating below the four small spikes where the fall meets the handle.

Mimicking the curvature of a lily, the soft leather is folded cylindrically, terminating in a flat end with two eyelets. Attached by two chains is the cracker, a long, single, scorpion-tailed piece of leather that delivers a punishing sting - a lasting reminder to let sleeping dragons lie.

Product Details:

• Handle length (Including spur and ball) 10in/25.4cm

• Fall length 20in/50.8cm

• Chain length 7in/17.8cm

• Cracker length 16in/40.1cm

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