Sex and Metal Secretary Yoke (E297)

Sex and Metal Secretary Yoke

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Sex and Metal adds their signature style to this classic BDSM instrument, combining a unique industrial design aesthetic with artisan craftsmanship into this modern and versatile Secretary Yoke that will brighten any dungeon.

Perfect for prisoner play scenes, this shiny, cherry red steel neck and wrist bondage restraint includes a handle and steel rod attached to the yoke to help lead your sub wherever you want them. The sleek and stylish metal shoulder pole connects two adjustable width wrist cuffs to a secure steel collar, keeping the wearer's arms outstretched and limiting their ability to move and act, putting them primarily at the mercy of their master's whim!

For even more fun, the neck restraint can be easily detached from the yoke and used as a metal collar and leash, and the wrist restraints can be removed from the ends of the pole and attached to each other for an attractive and unforgiving pair of cuffs!

Product Details:

 • Total length: 42.5in (108cm)

 • Lead bar length: 12.5in (32cm)

 • Handle length: 4in (10cm)

 • Minimum collar diameter: 5.5in (14cm)

 • Minimum collar circumference: 17.3in (44cm)

 • Wrist cuff diameter (max): 3.5in (9cm)

 • Wrist cuff circumference (max) 11in (28cm)

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