New Sex Enhancers

Hydromax X30 Pump

Hydromax X30 Pump $159.00

The Hydromax X30 Pump penis enlarger uses water pressure rather than air pressure to create a pleasing sensation and noticeable permanent results. Users can gain one to three inches in just 15 minutes a day. Designed to work in the bath or shower; Superflow Latch Valve allows one-handed filling.... More >>

Super Stroker

Super Stroker $46.60

Sometimes, a man just needs a bit of extra width!

The soft, jelly-like Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer from NS Novelties is a jumbo cock sleeve made of phthalate-free, body-safe TPE that adds incredible thickness... and makes intercourse an intense, hole-stretching experience for the... More >>

Perfect Fit Armour Up

Perfect Fit Armour Up $24.90

Armour Up is ready for you, but are you ready for it? With each modification, Perfect Fit has been streamlining the Cock Armour to give you a cock ring that can provide a harder erection and a prolonged, more intense orgasm.

This cock ring is one of the best kept secrets at creating... More >>

Perfect Fit Real Boy Kit

Perfect Fit Real Boy Kit $59.95

Men’s solo play heats up with added excitement when you let the Real Boy Kit take care of the hole in your experience. A versatile sex toy, this kit starts with a substantial dildo. Anatomically modelled with balls, veins, and head, this cock even has a suction cup so that you can suck and slip... More >>

Wicked Creme

Wicked Creme $14.00

This oil based creme is designed to help moisturize and condition during solo play activities, but can also be used with a partner, but is not latex compatible. It is also not intended for internal use, but can be an effective lubricant for male masturbation or sensation play.
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Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant

Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant $13.00

This super slick water based lubricant is specially designed for anal play to increase sensation while minimizing painful friction. Long lasting and latex friendly, this anal lube is easy to clean up.

Product Details:

 • 120ml/4 fl oz
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Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube

Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube $27.00

Silicone lubricants stay slick and slippery for longer than many water based lubes. Wicked Ultra silicone lube is a fragrance and additive free option for long lasting lubrication.

Product Details:

 • 4oz/120mL

 • Fragrance... More >>

Wicked Toy Love

Wicked Toy Love $14.00

This extremely thick but still slippery water based lube is designed specifically to facilitate toy play. Safe for both latex and silicone toys, you'll never need to wonder which lube to use with your dildo or vibrator again!

Product Details:

 •... More >>

Wicked OverTime Delay Creme

Wicked OverTime Delay Creme $16.00

A benzocaine-containing desensitizing cream, this item from Wicked isn't a typical lube or moisturizer, but a topical anesthetic designed to delay male orgasm. If you've got a hair-trigger, consider using this creme to stay hard longer without overstimulating yourself.

Product... More >>

Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant

Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant $18.99

Developed and formulated especially for the health conscious woman, this glycerine, paraben, and perfume free lubricant will help protect delicate and sensitive skin.

Apply to any area of the body where extra moisture is desired. Gentle and safe enough for daily use.
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Pjur Med Natural Glide Lubricant

Pjur Med Natural Glide Lubricant $16.99

At last, a personal lubricant that enhances your body's natural response and chemistry without overpowering them!

Pjur med Natural Glide is an all-natural water-based lubricant that utilizes pure plant glycerin as the active ingredient. Its barely-there formula is... More >>

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Fleshlight Shower Mount $24.95

Fucking in the shower is one of the steamiest ways of going about the act. Now with the Fleshlight Shower Mount, men don’t need a partner to experience the thrills of getting your rocks off while getting clean.

Simply unscrew the end cap from your favorite Fleshlight pocket pussy and... More >>

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot $49.95

The ever-innovative folks at Fleshlight have upped their game once again by releasing a sleeker, less obtrusive take on the original Fleshlight collection.

The fact that the Flight Pilot is lighter and smaller makes it perfect for travel and therefore aptly-named, not to mention more... More >>

Silicone Cushion for Penis Pump

Silicone Cushion for Penis Pump $19.95

The bigger the push-in, the more you'll need this cushion...for your penis pump cylinder.

If you've ever used a penis pump and experienced difficulty or discomfort from the hard plastic cylinder resting on your pelvis, this medical grade silicone donut cushion could be just the answer... More >>

Electric Penis Pump

Electric Penis Pump  $369.00

The Electric Penis Pump by L.A. Pump is an easy to use, hands-free pump that both simplifies and intensifies the act of using a pump to engorge the penis. The Electric pump utilizes the same basic technology as a manual pump by using suction to create a partial vacuum around the penis, causing it... More >>