Sessions 14 (DVGWEN189)

Sessions 14

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Synopsis: Filmed in Real Time. No scripts, No acting and No mercy!

Mistress Julie Simone loves to smoke and she doesn't care that Her submissive, Krissy, can't handle smoke very well, especially with an ashtray gag in her mouth. In this 14th edition of the Sessions Series, Julie further punishes the sexy brunette by smothering her with her breasts and ass, tickling, paddling and caning her sensitive feet and foot fucking her in two positions, dousing her with hot wa, then flogging the was away. As if that wasn't enough, Mistress Julie spanks, crops and canes Krissy's bare ass then forces her to masturbate with a magic wand. When play time is over, Krissy cleans the dungeon while the Mistress, once again, enjoys her cigarette.

Includes smoking, foot paddling, caning and tickling, foot fucking, hot wax and forced masturbation, smothering and other forms of breath play.

Cast: Julie Simone and Krissy

Director: Julie Simone

Running Time: 64 minutes

Released: 06/2008

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